The Sci-Fi Superhero Movie On Netflix That Is Starting A Major Franchise

By Doug Norrie | Published

code 8 netflix

When the realm of superpowers collides with the gritty streets of a city gripped by inequality, you get the electrifying world of Code 8. Streaming on Netflix, this sci-fi gem turns the conventional superhero narrative on its head, grounding its characters in real-world struggles.

If you’re looking for a Netflix film that skillfully melds the fantastical with the all-too-real, then Code 8 beckons you to its unique universe. Strap in and get ready for a cinematic journey that marries high-octane action with compelling societal commentary.

This Netflix film is set in a world eerily similar to ours, but with one distinct difference: 4% of the population are born with varying supernatural abilities. However, rather than being celebrated, these “Power-abled” individuals find themselves marginalized, heavily policed, and often living in poverty.

The city of Lincoln’s government has even gone as far as deploying drones and robots, known as “Guardians,” to monitor and control them.

code 8 netflix
Robbie Amell in Code 8

Enter Connor Reed, played by Robbie Amell, a young man with the power to manipulate electricity. Connor struggles with the same societal prejudices that all “Power-abled” individuals face, but his concerns are particularly personal: he’s desperate to find a way to pay for his ailing mother’s medical treatment.

This pushes him to a life of crime, where he’s introduced to the world of underground drug manufacturing and sales — all controlled by those who exploit the abilities of people like him.

For Netflix here, Stephen Amell, in a departure from his vigilante “Arrow” role, plays Garrett, a criminal with a certain moral code who introduces Connor to this underworld. The two navigate the complexities of working for Marcus Sutcliffe, the drug lord played by Greg Bryk, who has found a way to profit off the Power-abled by turning their spinal fluid into a potent drug.

Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell

Directed by Jeff Chan, who co-wrote the script with Chris Pare, Netflix’s Code 8 started as a short film and, due to its immense popularity, evolved into this full-length feature. The movie not only thrills with its action sequences but also dives deep into themes of discrimination, economic disparity, and the lengths to which one might go for family.

Supporting cast members like Kari Matchett and Sung Kang add layers to this rich narrative, making it more than just your typical sci-fi action flick.

Netflix’s Code 8 Critical Reception Was Mixed

Code 8 garnered a mixed to positive reception from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its unique approach to the superhero genre, grounding it in a socio-political context and addressing issues like discrimination and economic disparity. The gritty urban setting and the way the story highlights societal problems made it stand out from other superhero-themed movies.

However, some critics felt that while the premise was intriguing, the execution fell a bit short. There were opinions that the plot could’ve delved deeper into its central themes or that some characters could have been fleshed out further.

code 8 netflix

The action sequences and the world-building received commendation, but there were moments where the narrative pacing seemed uneven to some reviewers.

On the other hand, audiences seemed to appreciate the fresh take on a familiar genre. The Amell cousins, Robbie and Stephen, were often highlighted for their compelling performances, and the film’s realistic portrayal of a world where superpowers are a curse rather than a blessing resonated with many.

In terms of numbers, while it might not have been a colossal blockbuster, Code 8 found a dedicated audience, especially once it landed on streaming platforms like Netflix, further cementing its status as a solid sci-fi entry with depth and societal commentary.

A Code 8 Sequel Is In The Works

After the success of the original film, especially on platforms like Netflix, the demand for a continuation of the story was high. Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell, both pivotal figures in the original movie, expressed their excitement and commitment to the sequel.

Titled Code 8: Part II, the film will continue exploring the universe introduced in the original. Given the first film’s conclusion and the societal issues it touched upon, there’s a lot of potential in further developing the narrative and the world of Lincoln City.

Streaming platforms, like Netflix, continue to prove they’re a haven for films that may have once been considered too niche or too unconventional for mainstream theaters.

Code 8, with its gritty aesthetic, deep-seated societal issues, and a unique twist on superpowers, stands as a testament to that. It invites viewers to engage with both its action-packed sequences and its profound commentaries on discrimination and disparity.

Consider diving into the world of Lincoln City, where the lines between heroes, villains, and the everyday struggles of the ‘Power-abled’ blur. It’s a journey well worth taking on Netflix, especially if you’re craving a fresh perspective on the superhero genre.