Netflix Horror Thriller Series Brings Fan-Favorite 90s Books To Life

By Charlene Badasie | Published

The 2022 horror mystery-thriller The Midnight Club is streaming on Netflix. The 10-episode series is based on the 1994 Christopher Pike novel of the same name while also drawing inspiration from 27 other books penned by the author. Created by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong, the story follows a group of terminally ill young adults residing at the Brightcliffe Hospice Care for Teenagers.

The Patients Of Brightcliffe

Set in the mid-1990s, the series begins when Ilonka (Iman Benson), a bright and ambitious young woman battling terminal thyroid cancer, chooses to live at Brightcliffe Hospice Care. She befriends Kevin (Igby Rigney), a leukemia patient, and clashes with her roommate Anya (Ruth Codd). One night, Ilonka stumbles upon a secret gathering of the Midnight Club.The secret society, comprised of the patients of Brightcliffe, tries to communicate with the dead and shares eerie stories that intertwine with the hospice’s ominous history. As Ilonka delves deeper into the story of a former patient named Julia Jayne, the supposed healer from the past, she uncovers a sinister cult, symbolized by the number “292.13,” and drawings that hint at a dark past.

Unraveling The Mystery

Julia, the founder of the original Midnight Club in 1969, had connections to Paragon, a cult that practiced unsettling rituals. The plot thickens as Ilonka, with Kevin’s help, discovers a hidden floor beneath the hospice. Records of the original club and evidence of a cult terrify the group. The final episodes bring closure for some characters, while others meet tragic ends.

The Midnight Club Breaks A World Record

The Midnight Club quickly captured the attention of Netflix audiences, recording an impressive 90.31 million hours viewed between October 2 and October 23, 2022, securing its position in the platform’s top 10. The series’ debut episode also made history by breaking the Guinness World Record for the most scripted jump-scares in a single episode, with 21 hair-raising moments.

Netflix Cancels The Series

the midnight club

The Midnight Club was initially supposed to run for multiple seasons but was unexpectedly canceled in December 2022. Despite its premature ending, the series earned critical acclaim and currently holds an 86 percent approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Critics praised Flanagan’s heartfelt approach to horror and the unique blend of individual stories with the overarching plot.

The Novel

The Midnight Club novel was popular among young adult readers when it was first published. The book gained recognition for its intriguing premise and suspenseful storytelling. Christopher Pike has been a prolific author in the YA genre, and his works have found a dedicated audience. Its impact on readers and its presence in the YA literature landscape contribute to its reputation.

Other Horror Titles On Netflix From Mike Flanagan

Mike Flanagan has made a name for himself with his Netflix shows, including The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Midnight Mass, and The Fall of the House of Usher. These series are known for their focus on the human condition rather than jump scares and loud noises. Flanagan’s nonlinear approach to horror works very well, and he often tells parallel stories in the past and present.

The Haunting of Hill House became a huge surprise hit and remains a fan favorite. The Fall of the House of Usher, Flanagan’s latest Netflix project, is an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s vast bibliography and is up there with his best efforts. While The Midnight Club may have been axed prematurely,its chilling tales, stellar cast, and impressive viewership numbers are cemented into the annals of Netflix’s haunting offerings.