Erotic Netflix Hit Film Is Getting Two Sexy Sequels

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

netflix erotic 365 days

Wanting to get some erotic film into your life but don’t want to turn on Incognito browsing to do it? No worries, Netflix has the answer for you there. After getting into some steamy action last year with the release of 365 Days, the streaming platform is ready to lean back in (so to speak) to this kind of programming. Deadline is reporting that Netflix has greenlit two more movies for this franchise and will bring back the original cast members. The original wasn’t without its controversy, but apparently, Netflix looked first at the bottom line streaming numbers and made their decision from there. 

Bringing back the erotic Netflix hit for sequels is something of a surprise considering the platform likely didn’t expect the original to drum up quite the viewership or buzz of the original. But these are strange days we live in and folks want to be titillated. This latest report has it that 365 Days will get two follow-up films (366 Days and 367 Days ?) with Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka both coming back in their respective roles. Co-directors Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes are back as well to get behind the camera. 

netflix erotic 365 days

There is some reason to suspect this next film in the franchise gets the erotic levels dialed down just a bit though. Netflix didn’t have creative control over the first film. They had purchased it for the platform after it had already been completed. Though it’s based on a trilogy of books by Blanka Lipinska, the first was released just in Poland at the beginning of 2020. It wasn’t purchased and available on streaming until last summer, in June, where it became a near-instant hit. 

It turns out that Netflix viewers were more than a little happy to get a taste of erotica on the streaming platform and 365 Days instantly jumped to the top of the streaming charts in short order. In fact, that’s probably just a complete understatement. It’s been calculated that the movie ended up being the most-watched production on Netflix for the entire year of 2020. That’s really saying something considering the number of options available, but it does point to what people are interested in when they are streaming behind closed doors. 

365 days movie

Did it matter than this erotic Netflix film scored a solid 0% on Rotten Tomatoes? Nope. People still flocked in droves to press play. Did it matter that the film had its fair share of controversy around the plot? Not apparently even though that part is more than a little eyebrow raising. If you haven’t seen it (you can admit it if you have, it’s okay) is that a Mafia don (Morrone) imprisons a woman (Sieklucka) for the titular amount of time in order to make her fall in love with him. Does she try to escape? Far from it. She’s into it and that is where the backlash began. 

Many saw this Netflix film, not as an erotic movie but rather a sexually, physically, and emotionally abusive set of actions by the lead. It garnered considerable criticism about the plot and tone of the film with petitions going out to have it removed from the platform. The opposite has occurred and Netflix is doubling and tripling down on the story.