Netflix Losing Tons Of DC Movies, Stream Before It’s Too Late

By Jacob VanGundy | Updated

Netflix DC
  • Netflix’s DC movie collection is leaving the streamer
  • The Netflix DC movies are set to be off the platform at the end of March
  • Movies include Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Birds of Prey, Black Adam, Justice League, Man of Steel, Shazam! and more

If you primarily use Netflix for your entertainment needs and you’re a fan of DC, you have a limited time to get your rewatches in. Netflix has announced the content the streaming service will be losing at the end of next month and several DC movies are on the chopping block.

For fans of DC’s film universe, losing access to so many movies could be devastating, but at least they won’t be a surprise. 

Justice League And Others Going

justice league 2 Netflix DC

Netflix will be losing a long list of live-action DC movies next month, almost the full offerings of the DCEU.

Netflix will be losing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Birds of Prey, Black Adam, Justice League, Man of Steel, Shazam!, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman 1984.

DC Fans Upset?

black adam china

Losing all of these movies will be sure to upset dedicated DC fans as well as anyone who’s been putting off diving into any DC movies they may have missed. 

This slew of lost movies is especially disappointing because so much attention was brought to the fact that Netflix was getting so many DC movies just last year.

It was generally viewed as a good sign that Warner Bros. Discovery was committed to having their films be widely available, so losing all of them at once is a huge blow to that idea.

DC Cancellations

leslie grace batgirl

Of course, given the pushback against the company for the high-profile cancelation of so many popular and anticipated projects, the accessibility of their library may be seen as a minor problem for both the company and audiences.

While DC fans will be most impacted by the loss of these superhero movies, there are many more movies and shows leaving Netflix.

Other high-profile movies like the beloved John Wick franchise and Oscar-winning Lady Bird will also be leaving the streaming service in March.

DC Content Purge

shazam 2

These sorts of content purges aren’t uncommon, but they can make or break whether a streaming service remains worthwhile for a given customer, especially when full franchises are lost all at once like this. 

Of course, the news isn’t all bad for Netflix subscribers, unless of course they’re only subscribed to DC content.

Still Superheroes On Netflix

amazing spider-man 2

Just as many movies and shows will be leaving Netflix in March, many new movies and shows will be added to the streaming giant library, including many original and new movies to keep customers watching.

For fans of the superhero genre upset about losing so many DC movies, there may be some solace in learning that both Amazing Spiderman and Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be added to Netflix’s already immense library. 

DC Available On Netflix For A Bit More

birds of prey margot robbie Netflix DC

But for any diehard DC fans, there’s still a little time to get in one last Netflix binge of the DC films.

While Netflix will be shedding content throughout the month, all of the DC movies being lost will be available until March 31, 2024.

That leaves plenty of time for fans to get in one last viewing of their favorite DC movie, or even a full DCEU rewatch before Netflix loses the titles.