Netflix Dark Crime Fantasy Anime Offers Complex Story And Stunning Animation

By Nina Phillips | Updated

b the beginning

If you want a show that’s fun to watch, but won’t become your next fixation so you can turn off the TV and do what you need to do after one episode, B: The Beginning offers just that. The show has some interesting and fun parts, while not making you desperate to finish the entire series in one sitting. If you like darker stories and great fight scenes, this anime should go on your list. 

Killer B

b: the beginning

B: The Beginning focuses on the islands of Cremona, Italy, and the killer, known as “Killer B,” who acts like a vigilante. While some praise him for his work stopping other criminals, the Royal Investigation Service (RIS) isn’t so happy about it. Keith Flick, a seasoned ex-detective, is called upon by the RIS to help catch the man, along with his sidekick, Lily Hoshina.

Things Get More Complicated

As the crimes pick up speed, it becomes clear to everyone that one single person can’t be responsible for everything. Plots involving human experiments, domestic terrorism, government corruption, and secret organizations begin to come to light, and the detective may have to rely on the man he was catching to survive and find the people responsible. The story also features some fantasy elements that take the story up a notch from other criminal-based plots. 

It Didn’t Hook

While the story of B: The Beginning was pretty good, and the characters were likable, the show didn’t have enough for me to really want to keep going. It wasn’t bad, and I did end up finishing it, but it didn’t hook me enough that I wanted to binge-watch the series. I think a part of it was that I was often confused. 

Cast And Crew

Despite being an original show by Netflix, the series has a great cast and team. “Killer B” is played by Yuuki Kaji (Berserk). Meanwhile, the “good guys” Keith Flick and Lily Hoshina are played by Hiroaki Hirata (Black Lagoon) and Asami Seto (Oshi no Ko) respectively. 

The team behind the animation is Production I.G. They’re also responsible for Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Moriarty the Patriot, and Haikyuu!!, among other notable series. Yoshiki Yamakawa (Hi Score Girl) and Kazuto Nakazawa (House of Five Leaves) were both directors for the first season. For the second season, called B: The Beginning Succession, Yamakawa was replaced by Itsuro Kawasaki (Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East). 

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It wasn’t a bad show by any means, but little of the story stood out and was memorable down the line. I even had to go back and watch the show and remember much of the storyline before writing this review. 

This appears to be the consensus among others who watched the series. On My Anime List, the first season B: The Beginning has a rating of 7.17 and a popularity ranking of #680. 

B: The Beginning is an ONA (Original Net Animation) from Netflix. So if you’re looking to watch this series, you’ll find both seasons on their streaming platform.