Morena Baccarin Is Teaming Up With Pierce Brosnan For A Violent New Movie

By Charlene Badasie | 1 month ago

morena baccarin

Deadpool alum Morena Baccarin is set to star alongside Oscar nominee James Caan and Pierce Brosnan in the upcoming thriller Fast Charlie. Loosely based on the Gun Monkeys novel by Victor Gischler, the movie is being directed by Phillip Noyce of Blind Fury fame. An original screenplay for the feature is being penned by Richard Wenk who previously worked on The Equalizer. Daniel Grodnik and Mitchell Welch will serve as producers.

As reported by Deadline, the story follows Charlie Swift who’s been employed by Stan (an aging mob boss) for twenty years. Over that time he’s expertly worked as a hitman and prolific fixer. When a rival mob leader tries to eliminate Stan (James Caan) and his crew, he fails to get rid of Charlie (Pierce Brosnan). Now, the hitman/fixer will stop at nothing to avenge his boss, with no plans to leave anyone alive. Along the way, Charlie teams up with Marcie (Morena Baccarin) the ex-wife of a mobster he killed. Together, the unlikely duo seeks revenge against the rival mob.

Speaking about Fast Charlie (via Deadline) Phillip Noyce said he’s absolutely thrilled about casting a legendary actor like James Caan. The director also said he couldn’t imagine a more perfect pair than Morena Baccarin and Pierce Brosnan. “Not to be cute, but they really do make a killer couple,” he told the publication. Production is expected to begin in New Orleans this coming week.

Producer Daniel Grodnik also shared his excitement about the movie, remembering how he brought Phillip [Noyce] to the United States in 1988 to direct Blind Fury with Rutger Hauer. And over three decades later the Fast Charlie producer is thrilled to be working with him once more. With Brosnan bringing his star power to the project, alongside the iconic James Caan, and the brilliantly Morena Baccarin, the director has a vision that will craft an epic, influential story that will entertain audiences around the world.

After gaining recognition for her work as Vanessa in Deadpool, Jessica Brody in Homeland, and Lee Thompkins in Gotham – Morena Baccarin has been busy with various projects. She starred in NBC’s crime thriller series, The Endgame which premiered on February 21st. Created by Nicholas Wootton and Jake Coburn, the story followed the criminal mastermind Elena Federova who squares off against principled FBI agent Val Turner.

morena baccarin
Morena Baccarin in Firefly

Morena Baccarin also appeared in American-British mystery thriller Last Looks. The movie is directed by Tim Kirkby from a script by Howard Michael Gould who penned the novel of the same name in 2018. Below the Line, the second book in the Charlie Waldo series was published in August 2019. It remains unclear if that book will also be turned into a movie.

Starring alongside Morena Baccarin in Last Looks is Charlie Hunnam, Mel Gibson, Lucy Fry, Rupert Friend, Dominic Monaghan, Jacob Scipio, and Clancy Brown. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story introduces viewers to disgraced former LAPD detective Charlie Waldo who is living a minimalist life in the woods. But his peaceful existence life comes to a screeching halt when he is roped back into working as a private detective to investigate the murder of an eccentric television star’s wife.