Is Moon Knight Returning To The MCU? The Answer Has Been Revealed

Kevin Feige confirmed that Moon Knight has a future in the MCU, but we are uncertain whether that's in the form of a second season on Disney+ or something else.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

moon knight

For fans of Oscar Isaac, it was a red letter day when he decided to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Moon Knight for a very unconventional Disney+ series. However, Isaac only signed on for a single season of the show, so fans were understandably curious about whether or not they would ever see him as a Marvel hero again. Fortunately, those fans can breathe a sigh of relief: in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marvel guru Kevin Feige confirmed that “there’s a future for that character as we move forward.”

As juicy as this bit of Moon Knight gossip is, Feige didn’t spill any beans beyond saying that the character has a future in the MCU. Strictly speaking, that could mean almost anything ranging from a second season of the Disney+ series to the character popping up in the next Avengers film. For that matter, if the MCU continues to experiment with all things multiversal, we may see a version of this character from a different universe altogether.

If Feige does go for a multiversal approach to bringing Moon Knight back, there is a chance that he won’t even be played by Oscar Isaac. For example, in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, audiences finally got to see fan-favorite choice John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic, but Marvel was quick to point out that he was simply the Reed Richards from one multiverse. By the time we get a proper Fantastic Four movie set in the primary MCU universe, there is a strong chance Mr. Fantastic will be played by a different actor.

However, we don’t think this is a very likely outcome for Moon Knight. While the character has a rich comic history, he was mostly unknown to general audiences, and casting a recognizable name such as Oscar Isaac was Marvel’s way of getting casual fans to pay attention to a series they would otherwise likely ignore. And considering that Isaac’s acting was the single best part of the show, the smart money says that if and when Moon Knight pops back up, it will be Isaac’s familiar face under there.

moon knight
Oscar Issac in Moon Knight

Of course, the quirky nature of the character means that even if you recognize the face, he may not be exactly who you think he is. Much of the show’s drama revolved around the fact that the hero has multiple personalities, and we spent quite a bit of that first season watching him cycle between them. In the finale’s post-credits scene, we see that even though Issac’s character had seemingly lost his Moon Knight abilities, he had a third personality, Jake Lockley, who still serves as the murderous avatar of the powerful Khonshu.

In short, once Moon Knight pops back up in the MCU, we’ll have no way of knowing what the character’s identity and motivations really are. However, navigating weird mysteries surrounding this character was half the fun of the first season, right until it all descended into the inevitable miasma of weird CGI that concludes every single Marvel production. But if you take the time to try and figure out why the studio can’t veer away from that awful formula, you may end up as crazy as Moon Knight himself.