Michelle Pfeiffer Actually Thinks Grease 2 Was A Good Movie?

Michelle Pfeiffer was misquoted by Buzzfeed and considers Grease 2 a good movie.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

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The original Grease, released in 1978, was an enormously popular musical comedy starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Grease 2, however, was a critically-panned cash-in sequel that failed to make any cash. However, Screen Rant reports that Michelle Pfeiffer, who played the leading lady alongside Maxwell Caulfield, has come out in defense of the much-derided film after Buzzfeed claimed that she hated the film.

In an Instagram story, Michelle Pfeiffer stated that Grease 2 has always been special to her and that the story misquoted her. She also took a swipe at Buzzfeed, pointing out how they misspelled her name and conflated that with their inability to get things right.

While Buzzfeed did get Michelle Pfeiffer’s name wrong (spelling it Pheiffer), it did provide a source for the original quote. However, the source itself is slightly suspicious — it’s a 2022 article that references a 2014 article, which references a syndicated 2007 World Entertainment News Network article. While the World Entertainment News Network doesn’t cite its sources, the quote appears to be from a New York Post article that does not appear anywhere on the internet.

While Grease 2 wasn’t exactly the kind of film that would boost someone’s career, Michelle Pfeiffer managed to build off of the experience and appear in the iconic 1983 film Scarface the next year, playing the wife of Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana. Her performance in Scarface proved to be her breakout role, leading to her appearing in Sweet LibertyThe Witches of Eastwick, and Married to the Mob. She then received Academy Award nominations for her roles in Dangerous Liaisons and The Fabulous Baker Boys.

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Michelle Pfeiffer’s career only grew from there, with dozens of appearances throughout the years. She was Velma Von Tussle in Hairspray, Lamia in Stardust, and Caroline Hubbard in Murder on the Orient Express. She has also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing the role of Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the WaspAvengers: Endgame, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania., even if her most iconic superhero role will always be as Catwoman in Batman Returns.

Along with defending Grease 2, Michelle Pfeiffer has used her Instagram to come out in support of the actresses in the new Grease prequel series, Rise of the Pink Ladies. The Paramount+ series, which was first released in April 2023, has gained a mediocre 63 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it has managed to unseat the much better-reviewed Star Trek: Picard in viewing numbers. Besides Principal McGee, the series does not have any of the characters from the original film or Michelle Pfeiffer’s ill-fated sequel, but it takes place in the same high school (Rydell High) and follows the creation of the titular Pink Ladies, who were a major part of the original film.

As for Michelle Pfeiffer herself, she’s set to appear in an upcoming film by The Batman and Top Gun: Maverick writer Peter Craig. The film, titled Wild Four O’Clocks, follows a grandmother who is given custody of two estranged but strong-willed grandsons. The film does not have an estimated release date, and Pfeiffer is the only confirmed cast member.