The Dark Comedy Series About Working After Death, Stream Now Without Netflix

By Nina Phillips | Updated

Many people see death as the end of life as you are reborn, move on, or fade into nothing. However, in Dead Like Me, death is nothing more than a continuation of life, filled with standard work hours, rent, and all the difficulties you experience every day. The series offers wry and witty humor as it explores some of the darker possibilities of the afterlife.

Turning The Grim Reaper Into A 9-5

Dead Like Me is set on Earth, specifically in Seattle, Washington. Throughout the world, certain people are turned into reapers when they die and are tasked with helping others pass into the afterlife.

The story follows a new reaper, Georgia Lass, who dies and finds out she’s become a reaper. She joins up with several other reapers in the area as she learns how to reap the souls of the dying. The team she’s assigned to is responsible for violent deaths, from accidents with revolving doors to accidental peanut allergy poisoning, usually caused by gremlins only the reapers can see.

Meanwhile, she tries not to think about her life and the shaky relationship she had with all her family members, particularly her kid sister before she passed.

Happy Time

Being a reaper isn’t the only challenge she faces either. Though reapers are dead and sent to help the dead cross over, they have corporeal bodies. This means that the once high school dropout who struggled to find a job in life still faces the same problems in death but now with added responsibility.

A Cast Filled With Familiar Faces

There are many thought-provoking messages and lessons throughout Dead Like Me, such as how to handle your fear of death, how to live life to the fullest, and how unresolved issues can influence you. These themes, along with the dark and amusing story, brought in a passionate fanbase that exists to this day.

The cast also helped with the popularity of the show. Dead Like Me features a pretty good set of actors. Ellen Muth (Dolores Claiborne) plays Georgia. Additionally, Laura Harris (Severance), Callum Blue (The Princess Diaries 2), Jasmin Guy (A Different Word), Cynthia Stevenson (Jennifer’s Body), and Mandy Patinkin (The Princess Bride) are also prominent people in the series.

Well-Received By Critics And Fans

Due to production issues and creative differences with the original creator, Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies), who left five episodes into the show, Dead Like Me never made it past Season 2. The TV show had good reviews despite being canceled. On Rotten Tomatoes, the critic score is an average of 84 percent, while the average audience score is 88 percent.

Watch The Series, Skip The Revivial Movie

Like Firefly, the series was given a movie to help answer some questions and bring a sense of finality to the story. The movie was called Dead Like Me: Life After Death and ended up not being the satisfying conclusion many fans wanted, with only a 38 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Thankfully, though the TV series was canceled, it’s still on some streaming sites. Specifically, Dead Like Me can be streamed on the Roku Channel. It’s also available on Freevee, but unfortunately, only the first season.