Michael Jackson Biopic Finds The Young King Of Pop

By April Ryder | Published

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Jackson’s nephew Jaafar Jackson was cast to play the adults Michael Jackson in an upcoming film, but there was some debate on who would be cast to play the young Michael in the movie. Alas, the debate has come to a close as Juliano Krue Valdi has officially been cast in the role. 

The Boy In The Role

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The 9-year-old talent is no stranger to the camera. Juliano Krue Valdi has already made his mark on social media drawing more than 150,000 followers to his video content. Valdi has a true appreciation for the works of Michael Jackson and entertains his followers with dance moves inspired by the King of Pop. 

He’s really good at what he does, making him ideal for the role of young Michael Jackson. Producer of the new biopic, Graham King said, “When Michael was very young, he astounded the world … He was truly an old soul. He and Juliano have that in common.” 

The Jackson 5

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Even more than being a notable young talent, Juliano loves the works of Michael Jackson and is truly inspired by the artist. Hopefully, Valdi will find a way to translate his inspiration into a mind-blowing performance while tackling projects on the level of The Jackson 5.

Director Anoine Fuqua plans to place Valdi right in the mix of things. He will portray young Michael Jackson as he and his brothers experience the highs and lows of their notorious rise to fame in the Jackson 5. Performing to smash hits like “ABC,” “I’ll Be There,” and “I Want You Back” will ask much from the young actor, and the outcome is much anticipated. 

Michael Begins Production

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November 2019 was the first word of a movie about the life of the late great Michael Jackson when Graham King officially secured the rights to produce. Since then, distribution rights have been sourced to Lionsgate, casting has been managed, and production has begun. 

Principal photography for the biopic simply titled Michael began this week. The movie will mark the first major role for both Jaafar Jackson (Germaine Jackson’s son) and Juliano Valdi and is set to be released worldwide on April 18th, 2025. 

What Audiences Can Expect

Michael hopes to brings audiences into a riveting and honest portrayal of the complex genius who became the world’s King of Pop. Michael Jackson, the man who was so kind, so supremely talented, so weird, and so complicated became someone utterly unforgettable.

The struggles and triumphs Michael Jackson faced throughout his life added depth and texture to who was behind all of the makeup, music, and flashing lights. The film will likely include some of his most iconic performances, alongside a cinematic reworking of what was going on behind the scenes. 

A Turbulent Life

Thinking of all the random scandals and number one hits Michael Jackson was involved in during his lifetime, it’s hard to imagine what the filmmakers might do with the project. Which elements of the artist’s life will they choose to highlight, and how will they spin the less than fabulous elements of his history?

Source: Variety