A Forgotten Michael J. Fox Sequel Is Now A Top Streaming Movie On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

Hey, furry-film aficionados! Ever wonder what’d happen if a mouse got more airtime than your typical cat videos on the internet? Buckle up, because Michael J. Fox is lending his iconic voice to our favorite miniature adventurer in Stuart Little 2, now squeaking its delightful tunes on Netflix.

It’s currently one of the streamer’s top 10 movies in the United States. Who said size matters when you’ve got such a big heart… and wings?

Stuart Little 2 was released in 2002 with Michael J. Fox in the lead voice role

New York City has never seemed more whimsical, especially when seen through the eyes (or should we say, tiny spectacles) of a certain little mouse named Stuart. Stuart Little 2 isn’t just a sequel; it’s an urban adventure where the skyscrapers are tall, the cats are cunning, and the heroes? Well, they’re pint-sized.

The Little family is back in this heartwarming sequel, but the limelight is unarguably stolen by our mouse hero, Stuart, voiced with both charm and zest by the inimitable Michael J. Fox.

Michael J. Fox’s portrayal gives Stuart a delightful mix of vulnerability and spunk, making it impossible not to root for the little guy. Facing the challenges of feeling out of place in a big world (and a big family), Stuart’s resilience and courage, accentuated by Fox’s earnest performance, make this a standout family film.

Now, Stuart’s adventures in the bustling metropolis get even wilder when he befriends a canary named Margalo, voiced by Melanie Griffith. She’s not just any bird; she’s a bird with a secret, and Stuart, with his ever-loyal feline companion Snowbell (the hilariously skeptical cat voiced by Nathan Lane), set out on a mission to help her.

The dynamic between Michael J. Fox, Melanie Griffith, and Nathan Lane is electric, with each adding layers of depth, humor, and emotion to their characters.

James Woods also joins Michael J. Fox in the fur- and feather-filled fray as the voice of Falcon, a villain with talons as sharp as his wit. You can’t have an adventure without a baddie, and Woods delivers the menace with a side of sarcasm that’ll have you both chuckling and clutching your armrest.

Together, this ensemble cast crafts a tale that’s as much about finding one’s place in the world as it is about high-flying city escapades.

Stuart Little 2 Was Considered Better Than The Original

Michael J. Fox and Stuart Little 2 fluttered onto the big screen in 2002 with high expectations, given the whisker-twitching success of its predecessor. Critics were pleasantly surprised to find that this sequel maintained the charm and warmth of the original, with some even hailing it as a rare instance of a sequel possibly outdoing the original.

Many praised its blend of humor, heart, and a tighter narrative focus, which allowed the character dynamics to shine even brighter.

Financially, Stuart Little 2 held its own, raking in over $170 million worldwide at the box office. While it didn’t quite reach the towering $300 million heights of the original Stuart Little, it’s worth noting that sequels often face the challenge of living up to the novelty and freshness of the original.

Nonetheless, in the realm of family films, these numbers are undeniably impressive, and the success of Stuart Little 2 cements the franchise’s position as one of the staples in family entertainment.

Comparatively, while Stuart Little enjoyed a slightly warmer reception at the box office, probably due to its novelty and the groundbreaking visual effects at the time, Stuart Little 2 received its share of accolades for its refined storytelling and character development.

Both films, with their shared themes of family, friendship, and finding one’s place in the world, remain beloved fixtures in family film collections, with Michael J. Fox’s endearing portrayal of Stuart being a consistent highlight. In the end, while the two movies might differ in their box office tales, they both undoubtedly left big footprints in the hearts of audiences, despite being driven by a very tiny protagonist.

Michael J. Fox’s Health

michael j fox

Over the years, Michael J. Fox has been as much in the limelight for his incredible acting as he has for his brave health journey. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 at just 29 years old, Fox’s battle with the condition has been public, poignant, and inspiring.

He kept his diagnosis private for several years before going public in 1998. Since then, he’s become a prominent advocate for Parkinson’s research, using his platform to raise awareness and funds through the Michael J. Fox Foundation. While the disease has posed its challenges, impacting his speech and movement, Fox has continued to work, write, and inspire countless others with his resilience and determination.

Michael J. Fox’s candidness about his struggles, including recent spinal surgeries and the various challenges Parkinson’s has brought, shows a side of him that’s every bit as heroic as any character he’s portrayed on screen. Throughout it all, his spirit, humor, and dedication remain unwavering, making him a real-life inspiration to many.

Now there’s a chance to catch up with Michael J. Fox’s more endearing roles with Stuart Little 2 streaming on Netflix.