Megalopolis Sci-Fi Epic From The Godfather Director Reveals Chilling First Look

By Britta DeVore | Published


The world as we know it has come to a screeching halt in the first image released for Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming feature, Megalopolis. The movie brings a star-studded cast together for a kind of post-fall-of-civilization tale with the director known best for his groundbreaking vision behind The Godfather trilogy signing on such stars as Adam Driver and Aubrey Plaza. In the debut look, we see a crumbling New York City in complete disarray.

The Very First Look At Megalopolis


With the film’s title written in bold letters stretching directly over the center of the image, the background reveals that nighttime has set on the streets of New York City and gives the vibe that you wouldn’t want to be strolling them alone. A statue can be seen toppled over while around it, shattered glass covers the alleyways, and buildings are missing their sides with the appearance that some looting has taken place. Off to the side, windows are boarded up and blinds are disheveled while penned above the centered Megalopolis is Francis Ford Coppola’s name. 

The Hope For A Better Future


In Megalopolis, Game of Thrones alum Nathalie Emmanuel stars as Julia Cicero, a woman torn between her father, Frank (Forest Whitaker), and her partner, Caesar (Adam Driver), with both men having very different opinions about how the fall of civilization should be handled. Frank holds steadily on to what he knows and hopes to rebuild things to the same way they were before they were torn down while Caesar, an architect, hopes that the crumbling stones will be rebuilt as something completely different. 

Huge Ensemble Cast


Along with the leading trio of already impressive stars, Megalopolis also features performances from Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Jason Schwartzman (The Darjeeling Limited), Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man), Laurence Fishburne (the John Wick franchise), Shia LaBeouf (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), Chloe Fineman (Saturday Night Live), Jon Voight (Enemy of the State), and more.

A Massive Undertaking

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Megalopolis is a gigantic move for its director as not only has Francis Ford Coppola been dreaming of making it happen for well over three decades but it’s also his first feature-length project since 2011’s Twixt. Of course, Coppola became a household name after delivering the mobster epic The Godfather in 1972, which would star such A-list names as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, and James Caan, with Robert De Niro joining the cast in the 1974 sequel. While the first two films are considered to be the best of the best, the third and final installment, which arrived quite a while later in 1990 didn’t quite pack the same punch.

Reunions Aplenty

Still, Coppola continued to make incredible productions throughout the years following The Godfather, including the gritty and traumatizing Vietnam War flick, Apocalypse Now, the beloved big-screen adaptation of the novel The Outsiders, and 1992’s drama horror feature Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Known for enjoying a good collaborative effort, Megalopolis reunites the director with a handful of past co-workers including Apocalypse Now star Laurence Fishburne and The Rainmaker’s Jon Voight.

Production Has Wrapped

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Right now, we know that Megalopolis wrapped production around this time last year and that with the first image being released, a trailer – or at the very least a teaser – should be coming around the corner soon. No release date has been set for Coppola’s latest feature.