Matrix 4’s Real Title Revealed

The Matrix franchise is coming back sooner than later with Matrix 4 due out later this year. And now we have a title for the film

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Matrix 4 has had fans chomping at the bit for years now with crazy speculation around what would happen next in the groundbreaking franchise. And while it’s clear the movie is in fact happening, details around the film have only been trickling in. But with production wrapped and the film barreling down on us for an early-summer release news is going to really start coming out in a big way. One of those pieces is around the title. Apparently, according to insider Daniel Richtman, the fourth film will be Matrix: Resurrections!

This new Matrix 4 title does follow along with the previous movies in the franchise. The first was just The Matrix, but the subsequent sequels were The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions. Sans the “!” this title would make a lot of sense on the timeline even if it does come off a little cheesy. This is considering the film’s over-the-top Biblical themes, especially near the end. Regardless, this is what’s going to hit the screen when we get the whole computer-fighting group back together. 

Matrix 4 has had fans salivating ever since it was first announced that Lana Wachowski would be bringing back another movie in the franchise. After that, we’ve been left to wonder how the story picks up considering we left the end of the original trilogy thinking Neo had made the ultimate sacrifice. It led to the humans and machines entering into something like a peace treaty. 

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So far, the plot of Matrix 4 has been shrouded in a decent amount of secrecy. We aren’t sure exactly when or where the film will pick things up though there are at least a few clues based on the casting. Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his role as Neo and Carrie-Ann Moss will be back as Trinity. Additionally, side characters like Jada Pinkett Smith’s Niobe and Lambert Wilson’s The Merovingian are back on board as well.

But noticeably absent from Matrix 4 will be Laurence Fishburn and Hugo Weaving as Morpheus and Agent Smith respectively. Considering how central both were to the original franchise, this is something of a shock. Weaving apparently had scheduling conflicts while Fishburne simply wasn’t asked to take part. 

With the title of Matrix 4 being Resurrections! it doesn’t take a scholar to deduce that at least some (probably one) character will be coming back from the dead, maybe even in the form of a savior. That would be right in line with the way the other movies were structured. Even if the story got a little too far down this path in the past, we can forgive it just to make sure the next installment gets up on the screen. 

Currently, the release date for Matrix 4 is set for later this year December 22, 2021. And following the current course of the movie industry, the film will release on streaming services the same day it comes out in theaters. Plus, with all the hype around this new edition, there’s even talk of a Matrix television series. Whatever the direction of this new film, it will undoubtedly be one of the most-anticipated films in quite some time.