Marvel Just Accidentally Revealed A Secret New Hero

Marvel announces the new hero, Kohhori, by releasing a Funko Soda can with her image.

By Melissa Murphy | Published


It appears Marvel fans could have an exciting new addition to the team on the horizon. While the MCU has never been opposed to adding new characters, it more often adapts them from Marvel Comics. After a merch unveiling, it appears a new hero could be added to the hit show What If… in season 2. 

The new character can be seen on a collectible Funko Soda set to hit Walmart shelves in the near future. Despite being revealed on the can, Marvel Studios has not officially released the character yet, but fans can get the basic idea of her from the image on the soda can. 

Named Kahhori, she appears to be Native American in origin. She sports the classic warrior face paint and traditional woven clothing and has trademark feathers in her hair. Unlike many Marvel heroes, Kohhori cannot be found in Marvel Comics, meaning she will be seen for the first time in the upcoming What If… Season 2. 

No one knows yet how she will look and act on the screen. All we have so far is the image on Funko’s can, leading many to speculate about the character’s possible ties. Rarely does a completely original character make its way onto a Marvel show or movie, leading fans to anticipate seeing Kohhori for the first time even more. 

Because of her Native origins, many have been able to speculate where she will fall in the show’s dynamics. Many believe she may be linked to Echo, who is part Chyenne. That would give the two shared roots.

However, others believe that Kohhori could be placed before Echo in Marvel’s timeline. It’s possible she might make her appearance in the episode set in 1602. That could have her instead linked to superhero Maya Lopez. 

Alaqua Cox in Marvel’s Echo.

For now, all fans know of Marvel’s secret new hero is her image on the Funko’s collectible soda can. With Marvel remaining hushed about her, we will have to wait until What If… Season 2 is released to learn more and see her in action for the first time. 

There is no word yet on exactly when What If… Season 2 will air, leaving fans anxious for the premiere, especially after a delay caused the release date to be pushed back from February of this year. After the second season did not appear in the Disney+ teaser for 2023, many began to worry that the show would not be airing this year. However, with new merchandise being released, fans could be expecting the show to air sooner rather than later.

Marvel’s newest superhero, Kohhori, remains just one mystery for the upcoming installment. So far, fans know to expect at least 25 other MCU superheroes to grace the stage in season 2. Among them include Shang-Chi and Red Guardian. 

What If…, which first premiered in 2021, explores alternative timelines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Upon initial release, the show was met with rave reviews. While many believed it did not add much to the larger narrative, it allowed viewers to see their favorite characters like never before. 

While we do not have a date just yet, loyal fans are anxiously awaiting the release of season 2 and the chance to see Marvel’s newest superhero, Kohhori, in action for the first time.

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