See Mario Lopez As Colonel Sanders In KFC’s Upcoming Actual Movie

By Drew Dietsch | 7 months ago

mario lopez colonel sanders kfc

Mario Lopez is not the first actor you would probably think of to portray Colonel Sanders, the founder and mascot of Kentucky Fried Chicken. But yes, the heartthrob thespian is going to play the Colonel, but it’s not just in a straightforward advertisement. No, this is far stranger than you could possibly imagine. And we have the photographic evidence to prove it.

Lifetime has produced a “mini-movie” called A Recipe for Seduction that will star Mario Lopez as a sexy Colonel Sanders who is… looking for love? Yes, that Lifetime channel is actually making this and you will be able to watch it this Saturday. You still don’t believe us? Feast your eyes upon the indisputable proof:

That is not a joke. That is the official Lifetime Twitter account revealing that Mario Lopez is playing Colonel Sanders in a legitimate film that might be a romantic thriller? Lifetime is best known for their romantic thriller films, so is that what A Recipe for Seduction is going to be? We all know this is a clear marketing tool but exactly how will it be marketing Kentucky Fried Chicken in the actual movie? Can someone please tell us what is going on?!?

Mario Lopez isn’t even the first attempt at making Colonel Sanders an attractive and romantic character. I Love You, Colonel Sanders! was a 2015 dating simulator that cast the Colonel as a hunky chef who the player was hoping to woo. It’s clear that Kentucky Fried Chicken is all about wild marketing ideas. A Recipe for Seduction might be their wildest yet. And remember, they turned Colonel Sanders into RoboCop at one point. The ad campaign meetings for Kentucky Fried Chicken must be a trip.

Mario Lopez is going to be having one wacky end to the year. The new reboot of Saved by the Bell recently hit Peacock (read our review right here) and now he is portraying a gorgeous Colonel Sanders in a Lifetime movie. We have all been having a mind-bending 2020, but Mario Lopez has got to take the cake for the nuttiest project of the year. If nothing else, he deserves some recognition for that.

Is this promotional ploy going to end up working? We’re already helping it along by talking about Mario Lopez as sexy Colonel Sanders. Chalk one up in the win column for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Could this end up being the future for certain big ad campaigns? Will they create “mini-movies” with notable stars to get people excited about their products? We recently saw Bruce Willis revitalize the John McClane character for a short film about Advance Auto Parts. It certainly seems like this could be a viable marketing tool in the future.

We suppose it all depends on how well the Mario Lopez movie A Recipe for Seduction performs this Saturday. If enough people actually tune in to see exactly how bizarre this “mini-movie” is, we could potentially be seeing this approach to advertisements become more normal. As if 2020 couldn’t get any weirder.