See Margot Robbie Losing It In The Suicide Squad Gag Reel

Check out Margot Robbie on set of The Suicide Squad in the movie's official gag reel.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Margot Robbie’s impressive performances in Suicide Squad (2016), Birds of Prey (2020), and The Suicide Squad (2021) solidified her place as Harley Quinn in the minds of many fans. Warner Bros. is certainly aware of the immense enthusiasm fans have for the actress’ portrayal of the character and recently treated fans of both Margot Robbie and Harley Quinn to a laugh-out-loud gag reel from The Suicide Squad that they posted on their official YouTube account. 

Fans can check out Margot Robbie completely disarmed with laughter as her co-star Fula Borg (Javelin) nearly brings her to her knees. Take a look at the full video below. 

The scene where Margot Robbie is completely overtaken with laughter happens early on (0:09-0:28), but the entire four-minute-long reel is jam-packed with overtly humorous moments. The reel even pokes fun at Javelin’s subtle ego by referencing the line where he remarks that it’s clearly all about him. In fact, the post even prompted Fula Borg himself to comment, “I have NO IDEAS who played Javelin, but if they give this person a prequel I would be STÖKED.”

Margot Robbie has clearly made a name for herself playing Harley Quinn and has even stated that after taking a break from portraying the anti-hero that she is now more than ready to jump back into the DC Extended Universe once again. It will still be some time before fans get to see Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, but Cinema Blend pointed out that it was announced that she will take part in the upcoming DC movie, Gotham City Sirens. However, beyond her definitively being involved in the project, any further information is unknown at this time. 

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Up until this point, in the world of superheroes at least, Margot Robbie has been exclusively associated with DC. However, Giant Freakin Robot exclusively revealed that the actress has her sights set on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. Margot Robbie has expressed her desire to partake in a future X-Men film. Being a part of the X-Men would certainly give her a different type of character to tackle than that of Harley Quinn, but any official details surrounding when or even if she could pop up in an X-Men title still remain unannounced. 

In the meantime, however, Margot Robbie is busy working on a variety of other projects unrelated to superheroes. According to her IMDb, the actress just wrapped up production on an untitled project written and directed by David O’ Russel and is currently filming two other movies. One of which is another untitled Wes Anderson project that will also star Tom Hanks. The other is titled Babylon, but little information is known about that film, as well, other than that Margot Robbie will play Clara Bow. All three films are slated to be released sometime in 2022. 

Margot Robbie, in her relatively short time as a Hollywood A-lister, has truly been able to both cultivate and elevate her career with a wide range of diverse projects that truly highlight her seemingly limitless talents as an actress.