See Margot Robbie’s Barely There Original Costume For Harley Quinn

Check out what Margot Robbie first looked like as Harley Quinn.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Margot Robbie has worn quite a few costumes as Harley Quinn so far. Each DC movie she does has seen her look evolve bit by bit. Her first appearance as the character was in Suicide Squad, a film from David Ayer. The director has been gaining some attention over the past year as some fans have demanded DC release the director’s cut for his 2016 release. As fans are curious about his early takes, he’s been sharing behind-the-scenes looks at his work, including new concept art with Margot Robbie in an early take on Harley Quinn.

See one of the first iterations of Margot Robbie’s character in the photo below:

A closer look at Margot Robbie’s eventual costume in Suicide Squad shows the similarities and differences with this early outfit. You can see Margot Robbie’s Suicide Squad costume in the photo below for comparison. In the pictures, her hair is similar, though she has short, choppy bangs in the concept work. She’s holding a bat, but a closer look shows that the writing on the weapon is different.

Margot Robbie is wearing one glove in both pictures, which perhaps hints at the chaos of how Harley Quinn gets dressed. In the concept art, she has “Puddin” written on a cuff around her neck. In Suicide Squad, that’s written as a tattoo on her thigh. Her tattoos are fairly different from concept to the actual movie. For example, the diamonds are large on her thigh in concept, but in Suicide Squad, there are two smaller diamonds on her thigh very similar to what they had in concept.

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The original concept art has Margot Robbie wearing a body suit. The short-shorts and ripped up t-shirt she wore in Suicide Squad is probably a little easier to do the stunt work Harley Quinn requires in her movies. The deep V neck in the bodysuit is a little reminiscent of the top she wears in one scene, where she’s dressed in a more laidback fashion.

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While David Ayer started off sharing just one of his concepts for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, he eventually gave in to Twitter users’ questions and revealed a picture showing several more ideas they played with. The photos show that they considered different versions of the deep V bodysuit as well as more takes on the shorts and small tops. You can see that picture below.

These early concepts for Harley Quinn don’t have her wearing the ripped-up shirt with Daddy’s Lil Monster written on it. While that shirt isn’t something Margot Robbie’s character wears all the time, and wasn’t seen in her most recent DC appearance in The Suicide Squad, it is something her character has come to be known for. When people dress up as her for Halloween or cosplays, it usually includes the Daddy’s Lil Monster shirt and the bat.

The Harley Quinn look has changed each time the character has appeared in a DC project so far. For example, Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey had a tattoo of the word “rotten” across Margot Robbie’s cheek. In The Suicide Squad, that tattoo was gone. As it turns out, the actress and filmmaker on that project didn’t like it, so they just cut it out. Over the years, we’ve seen Harley Quinn’s look change, so it’s interesting to see where it got started behind the scenes with David Ayer and the team on Suicide Squad. If the filmmaker does eventually get to release his own director’s cut for the project, it’ll be interesting to see if audiences get a better look at early takes on Margot Robbie’s character,