Mandalorian Movie In The Works, Will Feature Iconic Star Wars Villain

By Drew Dietsch | Published

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A Mandalorian movie could potentially be in the works if one rumor is to be believed. The success of the Disney+ show has supposedly had an effect on the future of the cinematic Star Wars universe. Now an entire feature film is allegedly in the works for the masked bounty hunter.

The rumor mentions that the polarized reaction to The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker has strongly influenced the direction Disney wants to take the theatrical Star Wars films. A Mandalorian movie makes sense because the show has easily been the most widely enjoyed Star Wars project in the Disney era. Critics and audiences seem to agree that it’s a great time.

But what would a Mandalorian movie center around? If this purported scoop is true, the feature film would include characters from the animated series Star Wars Rebels, which was co-created by Mandalorian writer Dave Filoni. This tracks with news about Rosario Dawson appearing as Ahsoka Tano in the show’s second season. Filoni also worked on Star Wars: The Clone Wars where Ahsoka Tano made her premiere in the franchise.

Even more exciting is the possibility of who could be the main villain of the Mandalorian movie. The rumor alleges that Grand Admiral Thrawn would be the film’s antagonist. Thrawn is one of the most celebrated villains in the Star Wars canon. He was originally created by novelist Timothy Zahn in the book Heir to the Empire. Thrawn has made numerous appearances in other Star Wars media, including Star Wars Rebels.

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Thrawn’s possible inclusion in a Mandalorian movie is immensely exciting. His popularity has mostly been relegated to more fan-focused efforts, but he has remained incredibly beloved as one of the best villains in any piece of Star Wars media. Bringing him to the big screen – who would play Thrawn? – could cement him as one of the franchise’s most impressive adversaries.

Though this should still be considered a rumor – especially before the second season of The Mandalorian has aired – a Mandalorian movie does not sound out of the realm of possibility. We all know just how popular Baby Yoda has become as a symbol of the show, and it is clearly the one Star Wars property from the Disney era that seems to be universally embraced. Channeling that popularity to a feature film sounds totally reasonable.

This so-called scoop about a Mandalorian movie could be part of an effort to appease lead actor Pedro Pascal. There has supposedly been some tension between Pascal and Disney. Maybe a Mandalorian feature film would be a way for the actor to get more literal face time in the lead role. One would assume that Pascal would not want his character to be masked for an entire feature film.

Again, a Mandalorian movie sounds like a sensible thing to make but this should all be taken with a grain of salt. If we hear anything that sounds more concrete or official, we will make sure to report it back to you.

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