Major Injuries Sustained On Set Of Netflix Series

Kai Ko, star of Netflix's Agent From Above, was struck in the face by a drone, resulting in about 30 stitches.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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The set of the new Netflix Chinese-language series Agent From Above became rattled when its leading actor, Kai Ko, was struck in the face by a camera drone. Ko’s agent informed United Daily News, the local newspaper in Taiwan, that his client suffered “severe facial disfigurement.” Apparently, the drone struck Ko right in the cheekbone area of his face, which required a staggering 20 to 30 stitches.

Directors often use drone shots these days, especially now that technology has allowed these shots to take place. Drones shots are commonplace and are typically safe, despite what has happened to Kai Ko. A representative for the production who works on the set of the Netflix series even informed the news that the drone had not suffered any sort of explosion and that the blades were also shielded with a protective cover.

The authorities are currently investigating the matter, which we could assume means Netflix as well, considering that the injury to Kai Ko is quite extensive. Production on Agent From Above is ongoing, as scenes that do not involve Ko are still being shot. There is no timetable for his return yet, but he is currently recovering at home and wants to return to work as soon as possible.

Agent From Above is a new series on Netflix that follows a former drug addict who is now charged with doing tasks handed down by the legendary Chinese god San Tai Zi, to atone for his sins. The universe is filled with “gods, monsters, humans, and ghosts.” The series is being directed by famous Taiwanese filmmaker, Donnie Lai.

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Netflix has stated that Agent From Above “boasts extensive visual effects that are seldom seen in a local series.” We would imagine that some of the visual effects that were being captured had to involve a drone, which unfortunately struck Kai Ko in the face. However, it does sound like he is going to be just fine in his recovery.

Kai Ko is a huge star in the local region of Taiwan, as he won the Best New Performer award at the Golden Horse Awards for his role in You’re The Apple Of My Eye. Ko also released his directorial debut last year, Bad Education, which landed six Golden Horse awards. Hopefully, Ko is not traumatized by the drone hitting him, and the story of this will just add to his star status.

Drones are quite heavy, and sometimes controls can get a bit wonky, resulting in the drone pivoting in a manner that it should not. We are not saying that is what happened on the set of this Netflix series, and the investigation will surely reveal what truly happened. For now, Ko is just going to recover enough until he can return to set to finish shooting this exciting series.

Considering production is well underway for Agent From Above, we would imagine the new Netflix series is going to be released sometime later this year. That is, of course, unless Ko cannot recover in ample time. The series might have to be put on hold for his scarring to subside, unless that becomes a part of his character’s arc.