Kit Harington’s Game Of Thrones Sequel Series Gets A Terrible Title

Kit Harington's Game of Thrones sequel just got an official name and it is... not what we were expecting to hear.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Kit Harington

While it’s been said that a name is just a name, Game of Thrones fans everywhere are cringing over the working title that’s been announced for the Jon Snow sequel series. While it has now been made clear that the Kit Harington-led spinoff has been in the works for longer than was first thought, they must be really concentrating on the plot as they’re announcing the working title to be: Snow. That’s it, just Snow. While it isn’t terrible, it certainly isn’t as poetic as author George R.R. Martin’s other titles such as A Song of Ice and Fire or A Feast for Crows. Snow sounds like we’re going to see the last of the Targaryen’s set out on some James Bond-like adventures, going undercover and strictly by his surname. 

But listen, we aren’t complaining. While we have Thrones universe projects like House of the Dragon on the way, there’s something oddly calming and peaceful to know that in our turbulent world, we’ll get to see more adventures centered around Kit Harington’s character, his wildling pals, and his direwolf, Ghost. And who knows who could be making cameos on the series?! With so many of his Stark relatives still alive and well at the end of the Game of Thrones finale, there’s a solid chance we’ll catch a few of them and maybe some other fan favorites like Brienne of Tarth, Tyrion, and Samwell – although we doubt Grey Worm will make any visits to the North. 

After the initial leak happened, Martin took to his adorably ‘90s-like blog, “Not a Blog,” to confirm that the rumors were true and that there was in fact a Jon Snow-based sequel in the works. He also backed the idea that it was Kit Harington’s musing for the show to take form with Harington even bringing his own writers on board for the project. But, Martin didn’t name any of the creative talent attached to the production, only saying that of course he would be involved but unsure of in what capacity.

It would also seem that those behind Snow have been lucky enough to not have not had their project outed until now, as Martin revealed that the series has been “in development” for the same time as several of the other prequels and spinoffs, but was just better at keeping itself under wraps. Alongside the Kit Harington-led production, audiences will be able to take in other stories from the GoT world including director Amanda Segal’s 10,000 Ships, Bruno Heller’s 9 Voyages aka Sea Snake, and writer, Steve Conrad’s, The Hedge Knight or Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – a series that would focus on the tales of Dunk & Egg. 

As for Snow, when we last left Kit Harington’s character at the bow of Game of Thrones back in 2019 (when the world felt more simple…) he had just killed the good-turned-mad Queen Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and was put on a semi-trial. Lucky for him, the odds were ever in his favor and he headed North with a group of wildlings and his direwolf companion, Ghost. With the new series on the horizon, the sky is truly the limit. Even if all their other 10,000 Ships sink, those behind the Thrones stories are sure to have a winner with Snow, even if the working title needs some … work.