Keanu Reeves Confirms Where He’s At In Talks With Marvel

Keanu Reeves gave an update on where is in terms of entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans have been really waiting on news here.

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With Keanu Reeves set to release a new movie in his biggest franchise, it’s easy for fans to dream about what other projects he’s going to show up in in the future. It’s the nature of the Hollywood machine that just when something huge is coming down the pike, the speculation begins around new characters. And Keanu Reeves has long been rumored to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some fashion. In a recent interview, the star was able to shed some light on where they are in the process. 

Speaking with Brandon Davis from PhaseZero, Keanu Reeves was asked if he had talked with Marvel head Kevin Feige about any potential roles in that universe. While a broad question, Reeves was pretty clear about not having anything substantial in the works when it comes to the studio. Keanu Reeves says that he has met Feige and the latter is a “cool cat” but then, after stumbling a bit over the question the actor confirms they, “don’t have it yet.” Check out part of the interview below:

Fans have dreamt about Keanu Reeves entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time now. One character that often comes up around the actor is Ghost Rider, with that flaming-skulled ex-motorcycle stunt man a clear fit for Keanu Reeves’ vibe. We’ve seen some different artist renderings around this and Reeves, a noted motorcycle enthusiast and business owner definitely looks the part. But again, whether he’s being coy or they just don’t have anything lined up, it doesn’t seem like anything is close on that front. 

But just because Keanu Reeves isn’t entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t the end of the world. That’s because a return to the Matrix is right around the corner. Matrix Resurrections is releasing on December 22nd and should be another massive blockbuster. Early reception to the movie has been overwhelmingly positive and the trailers have been fantastic, a stunning new look at a universe we’ve gotten to know so well. There is clearly a stylistic difference with this movie, giving a different version of Neo who is, somehow, back in the Matrix. 

And Keanu Reeves will be playing a character off the comic book pages as well, just not something out of Marvel. He’s set to star in BRZRKR on Netflix which is being adapted from a comic book he helped to create with Boom! Studios. The original comic was published earlier in the year and it didn’t take long for Netflix to scoop it up as a film and a subsequent animated series. There is currently no timeline on when we can expect to see it on the streamer. 

Plus, lest we not forget the John Wick franchise which still has two more movies on the way. Chapter 4 and 5 will wrap up his time as that character with a spin-off prequel The Continental in the works as well. When it comes to an action star, there is almost no one bigger than Keanu Reeves. Could Marvel be in the works too? It’s not looking like it will happen soon, but never say never. 

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