See Keanu Reeves As Marvel’s Ghost Rider

By Doug Norrie | 15 seconds ago

keanu reeves ghost rider

We already know that Keanu Reeves can play a superhero on the big screen. He’s already done it in a number of different fashions in some of the biggest movies out there. His characters haven’t always lined up along the conventional comic book arcs, but he’s definitely able to bring a certain subdued confidence to roles that play well when making him a powerful and captivating hero type. So of course, there are going to be rumors around him circling some of the biggest comic book studios out there. Why not? This is Keanu Reeves we are talking about. And recently, it came (back) up about Reeves possibly taking the role of Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, now we have a chance to see how Reeves would “look” as the character. 

Instagram user @rahalarts put up a poster of an imagined movie that has Keanu Reeves starring as Ghost Rider for Marvel. The photos give us the flaming skull that’s so well known for the titular character while also showing what it would look like for Keanu Reeves to pull off the transformation. These photos were used from Reeves’ own company images, part of promotional material he’d put out there for Arch Motorcycle Company. Check out what Keanu Reeves might look like as Ghost Rider and decide if he would be the right guy for the part. 

Of course, a random Instagram posting of some fan art isn’t confirmation that an actor or actress is going to take a specific role. But there are a lot of reasons this particular casting makes a ton of sense for Keanu Reeves. For starters, Reeves recently came out and said, “It would be an honor…” when asked specifically about taking a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it’s easy to say something like that without any intention of really following through, it’s not like this is some throwaway line. When someone of Keanu Reeves’s Hollywood status signals the desire to join a well-established franchise like what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has, it’s probably time to start getting to work on finding him a role. 

And we already know that Keanu Reeves can handle this kind of thing and then some. After all, he’s already played a superhero for three Matrix films as Neo and there is a fourth on the way. While those flicks don’t stem from an original comic book source, he’s definitely playing someone with all of the hallmarks of a hero off of the printed pages. And of course, he’s got the brooding action and killing chops down pat as well with the John Wick franchise. Heck, he’s already taken on a comic book movie as well, starring as John Constantine back in 2005. 

Speculation has been running deep for a while now about what Marvel plans to do with the character of Ghost Rider. Because they now have control of almost the entirety of their character catalog, we are most likely going to be getting new versions of old favorites sooner than later. That could include the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and, of course, Ghost Rider. We haven’t seen Johnny Blaze on the big screen since Nic Cage played the character in Ghost Rider and the sequel Spirit of Vengeance back in 2007. Gabriel Luna played a version of the character on the small screen in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series as well. What’s next for the character? It’s unclear, but it sure looks like Keanu Reeves would fit the bill.