Keanu Reeves Reveals More About His Upcoming New Franchise

By Doug Norrie | 5 seconds ago

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Keanu Reeves is no stranger to iconic character turns and massive franchises, having taken part in some of the biggest movies of an entire generation. Soon, he’ll be returning to his most compelling story and character when a much-awaited sequel hits screens later this year. But he’s also working on another interesting project, one that could see Reeves take on a character in the comic book universe, though there’s a twist with this one. Unlike some other comic book adaptations, this one is based on a story Reeves himself helped create.

In an interview with Today on Monday morning, Keanu Reeves revealed some more information on his upcoming BRZRKR project and the stages it’s gone through in terms of development. The story is based on a character he envisioned and eventually pitched to Boom! Studios. During the talk, Reeves said the folks at Boom sold him on the idea of first creating a comic book series about the character and they helped assemble a team of creatives to actually realize the first part of the dream. 

Keanu Reeves described some of the stories around the character of BRZRKR who, according to the actor, has been around for 80,000 years and is also a part god. The rub with the BRZRKR is that he is prone to uncontrollable violence and bloodshed, something that appears out of his base control, and is damaging to those around him. Reeves said that the original four books in the series were going to be released as an anthology that would serve as an origin story. 

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It’s interesting to hear Keanu Reeves talk so personally about BRZRKR and it was clear he had significant pride in having helped to bring a unique and original character to the comic book pages. He said the BRZRKR story spans significant timelines with the character altering historical events. 

And it isn’t going to stop just on the printed and colored pages of a comic book edition. BRZRKR has been picked up by Netflix as well, following a first-look deal previously signed with Boom! Studios. That has Keanu Reeves set to star as the character, who just happens to look a lot like him. It’s quite the undertaking and first looks at the comic book itself shows a story that is both visually appealing but has Reeves’s character in all manner of violent situations. That will come out in the form of a live-action movie as well as an anime series. 

In the meantime, while we wait for BRZRKR, Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his role as Neo in this winter’s The Matrix Resurrections when it releases in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22nd. It will have been 18 years since we last saw Reeves in the role, and this one will reset some of his story considering where we last left the character. The initial trailers are stunning, envisioning a new Matrix world, one that’s seen significant changes since we last left a tentative peace between the program and the remaining humans. 

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Plus, Keanu Reeves has two more installments of his wildly popular John Wick franchise set to hit screens in the next couple of years with that story developing a larger and more intriguing world than anyone would have thought possible when it was released a few years ago.