Joshua Jackson Is Returning To A Fan-Favorite Franchise

By Michileen Martin | 4 seconds ago

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The first season of Disney+’s The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers was missing an important actor and it was impossible not to notice. But now apparently Ducks fans have every reason to rejoice. According to a new interview, Joshua Jackson will be reprising the role of Charlie Conway in Season 2 of the series.

If you watched the Disney+ series then you know that in the sixth episode, Spirit of the Ducks, many of the original players from 1992’s The Mighty Ducks return, but Joshua Jackson doesn’t make it. According to one of the teammates who did make it back, Marguerite Moreau, you can expect Jackson to be there next season. If you suspected Joshua Jackson wasn’t there for the first season because didn’t want to, perish the thought. Moreau told Us that Jackson couldn’t be in the first season because of a scheduling conflict. He was busy filming the Peacock miniseries Dr. Death in which he played the real-life convicted criminal Christopher Duntsch. Moreau assured Us that Jackson is “definitely excited” to be part of the series.

According to what The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers co-creator Steven Brill told, Joshua Jackson wasn’t the only Ducks alum they were missing. He said he wanted to get every single actor “there at the very end in [D3: The Mighty Ducks].” He said getting the entire team would have been possible if it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that the actors who did make it — Marguerite Moreau, Garette Ratliff Henson, Elden Henson, Vincent Larusso, Justin Wong, and Matt Doherty — needed to quarantine “for two weeks in a hotel room” before filming the episode.

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While there was no title attached at the time, the news that a Mighty Ducks series was in development was announced, per The Hollywood Reporter, in early 2018. With the news later that year of the Disney+ streaming service, a Mighty Ducks series was announced as one of the first series to air on the service. The first season of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers premiered this March, concluded in May, and earlier this month, as reported by TVLine, the series was renewed for a second season when hopefully we’ll get to see Joshua Jackson reprise the role of Charlie Conway.

With Game Changers, the Mighty Ducks are not the underdogs they were when we first meet Joshua Jackson’s character and his teammates. A spot on the team is hotly sought after, and the hopeful Evan Morrow (Brady Noon) is ejected from the Ducks for being too slow, and is told hockey isn’t for him. Evan’s mother Alex (Lauren Graham) starts a new team — the Don’t Bothers — to give her son the chance the Ducks deny him. Evan’s best buddy Nick (Maxwell Simkins) joins him, as does Evan’s friend Sofi (Swayam Bhatia) who leaves her coveted spot on the Ducks behind to join. Alex soon finds a great assistant coach in former Ducks coach Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez), who’s gone down some rough roads since we last saw him.