The Mighty Ducks Return In First Trailer For The New Version

By Rick Gonzales | 5 months ago

the mighty ducks

The Quack Attack is back, Flying V-formation and all. Disney+ just released a one-minute teaser of their new series, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, and fans of the original movies will be happy to see that one familiar face is back in action.

Do yourself a favor and get ready for the new Mighty Ducks by watching the teaser trailer below.

Emilio Estevez returns as Gordon Bombay, leading the cast that also includes Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) as Alex, single mom to Evan (Brady Noon) a 12-year-old who loves hockey. Unfortunately, he just isn’t that good at it.

This version of The Mighty Ducks finds our loveable team as a powerhouse junior hockey squad that dominates their division and whose coach is very selective about who makes the team. The Mighty Ducks now closely resemble the villainous Hawks from the original movie. When Evan is cut from the Ducks, his mother has an idea. Create his own team of loveable losers. This is where former defense attorney Bombay steps in. Yes, it is familiar-sounding and more than likely will hit on all those familiar beats. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

The original Mighty Ducks was written by Steven Brill and he is credited as a co-creator of the new Disney+ series along with Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa. Brill is the head writer for the series while both Goldsmith and Yuspa are the series’ showrunners. The series, right now, is set to only comprise of 10-episodes but that can always change based on the popularity of the series.

mighty ducks 3

One wonders if Game Changers might try to take a page out of Cobra Kai’s playbook and employ the legacy effect. You know the one, where they bring back stars from the original three movies at various times for various pep talks or side stories. There are quite a few actors who have gone on to bigger fame since their time with The Mighty Ducks franchise. Joshua Jackson, who played Charlie Conway, is one having appeared in movies such as Urban Legend, The Skulls, and Cursed but is probably best known for the TV series Dawson’s Creek. Then there is Marguerite Moreau who has also made quite a career for herself. She is well known for her roles in Wet Hot American Summer, Queen of the Damned, and Easy but is also known for her TV roles in Blossom, Parenthood, and even Grey’s Anatomy.

Another possible Mighty Ducks returnee could be Elden Henson, who may be best known for his role as Foggy Nelson in Marvel’s Daredevil. Would any of them be up for a return? It could be a nice touch, but then Disney and the Ducks may just want to forge their own new identity with this new group of Ducks. One we know for sure who won’t be making an appearance would be knuckle-pucker Shaun Weiss, who has famously and sadly been dealing with drug addiction and criminal activity. But then again, the Ducks could just be the thing to help Weiss on his road to recovery. He recently celebrated his one-year anniversary of sobriety.

So, who’s ready for the new generation of The Mighty Ducks? Let us know, GFR’ers. The series is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 26, 2021. “Nothing but net!”