Joseph Quinn’s Best Movies And TV Shows

In addition to Stranger Things, some Joseph Quinn movies and TV shows include Les Miserables and Game of Thrones.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

joseph quinn movies and tv shows

Joseph Quinn’s star is on the rise. The 28-year-old actor grabbed a ton of attention as Eddie Munson on the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, and has been reeling in fans ever since.

Stranger Things is only one of the Joseph Quinn movies and TV shows in which he’s appeared, but there is one thing you are going to notice right off the bat – Stranger Things is the first American TV series Quinn has been part of in his career

Joseph Quinn was born and raised in London, England. He got his formal training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, which ushered him right into British television. So, let’s take a look at Joseph Quinn’s movies and TV shows, some of you may even recognize a few of them.


Stranger Things (2022)

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As far as Joseph Quinn’s movies and TV shows, this is his biggest, and most consider his best, role to date. It put Quinn squarely on the map to fame and only has fans asking for more. Whether the Duffer Brothers (creators of Stranger Things) plan on raising the dead is a question only they can answer and one that fans of Quinn’s Eddie Munson can hope for the affirmative.

It was, though, Quinn’s appearance as Eddie Munson that had fans raving about Season 4. He immediately caught the attention of fans with his affinity for heavy metal music and his love for Dungeons and Dragons. Fans were not pleased with what the Duffers’ did with their favorite character, but fingers are crossed that there is more of him to be seen.

It was a star turn for Joseph Quinn even in a side role for the series as a whole. Before that, he had been in a number of different productions.

Hoard (2023)

This indie film came out in 2023 and stars Hayley Squires as a teenager who lives in the house hoarder parents. Joseph Quinn plays a foster kid who comes and stays there for some time with his pregnant girlfriend. It’s got a grosser vibe to it but performed well with critics. It’s currently sitting at 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Postcode (2011)

This was the very first of Joseph Quinn’s movies and TV shows and he got the one-episode role while he was still in school. Postcode told the story of a young Somali boy who moves to London with his widowed mother and younger brother. The British series lasted only one season (3 episodes).

Dickensian (2015-2016)

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One may consider this to be the British version of the American TV series Once Upon a Time. But instead of fairy tale characters and stories, this series took audiences into the 19th-century London world of author Charles Dickens, bringing to life his most popular characters. Here, their lives intertwined in fascinating and dangerous ways as some of Dickens’ most famous characters were brought to life.

As far as Joseph Quinn’s movies and TV shows go, he couldn’t have asked for a better start to a career coming right out of school. Quinn appeared in 19 of the 20 episodes as Arthur Havisham, who is one of the many suspects Inspector Bucket is chasing down in the murder of Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner, Jacob Marley.

Although the series offered an interesting premise, its viewing timeslot bounced around enough that viewers lost interest, causing the series to be canceled after one season.

Game of Thrones (2017)

joseph quinn movies and tv shows

Taking on a role in what’s become one of the most popular series was a big feather in the cap for the Joseph Quinn movies and TV shows resume. True, Quinn only appeared in one episode as Stark soldier Koner, but it was a necessary, and popular step, along the way to bigger things.

The Game of Thrones episode was titled The Spoils of War and featured Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Bronn (Jerome Flynn) collecting the spoils of war from their ongoing fight with the Tyrells. Quinn’s role was brief as he was part of the contingent helping to transport the gold.

Timewasters (2017)

joseph quinn movies and tv shows

Another interesting premise on the Joseph Quinn movies and TV shows leger. This series followed a London-based Jazz quartet who somehow find themselves transported back in time to the Golden Era of Jazz. The British comedy series lasted two seasons and had Quinn appear in the show’s first two episodes.

Howards End (2017)

The Joseph Quinn movies and TV shows resume continued to build with Quinn’s role in this 4-part mini-series. Quinn played Leonard Bast, part of the lower-middle-class Bast family, in a story that spoke of the social divide between classes. Set in early 20th-century England, the series explored the vast difference in class between the wealthy Wilcox family, the not-as-wealthy Schlegels, and the Basts.

Overlord (2018) – Of all of Joseph Quinn’s movies and TV shows, this was the very first feature film he had a role in. Underrated in many ways, Overlord was both a war film and a horror film combined (not that war films on their own aren’t a form of “horror”). The film was set in World War II German-occupied France as a small group of American soldiers are dropped in behind enemy lines with a mission to destroy a German radio tower that was built into a small castle.

Things, as they tend to do, don’t go as planned, and not only do the surviving American soldiers have to somehow avoid German soldiers, but they also have to deal with whatever is being created in the creepy castle. Quinn is on board as Grunauer.

Les Misérables (2019)

joseph quinn movies and tv shows

Another solid entry on the Joseph Quinn movies and TV shows resume. This was the British television six-episodes series of Victor Hugo’s classic novel. The story, set against the backdrop of post-Napoleonic France, follows Jean Valjean as he attempts to evade capture by the ever-persistent Inspector Javert.

Catherine the Great (2019)

joseph quinn movies and tv shows

Joseph Quinn found time on another big British mini-series, this time one that was led by Helen Mirren as Catherine the Great. The story followed Mirren’s Catherine as she fought off scandal and intrigue and, along with Grigory Potemkin (Jason Clarke), became architects of what was to become modern-day Russia. Quinn appeared in all four episodes as Prince Paul.

Make Up (2019)

This was the second feature film on the Joseph Quinn movies and TV shows list. The film, which never received much play time in America, tells the story of a young woman who becomes obsessed with the thought that her boyfriend cheated on her. Quinn plays Tom, the boyfriend who may or may not have cheated.

C.B. Strike (2020)

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This British TV series starred Tom Burke as Cormoran Strike, a war vet who turns private detective. The series follows Strike as he solves brutal murders with the help of his assistant Robin Ellacott (Holliday Grainger). Joseph Quinn appeared in 4 episodes as Billy Knight.

Small Axe (2020) – Another important steppingstone in the Joseph Quinn movies and TV shows resume. Small Axe is a British anthology series created and directed by Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave). The anthology told stories about the lives of West Indian immigrants who found their way to London in the 1960s. Quinn appears in the very first episode of the series titled Mangrove.


Along with Joseph Quinn’s movies and TV shows, the actor also has been seen in a few short films. In 2015, Quinn appeared in the short, Instinct. Two years later, Quinn filmed KIN and then followed that up in 2018 with The Hoist.

Quinn made his stage debut in 2016 when he played Morris in Deathwatch at the Print Room in London. The following year, Joseph Quinn was on stage at the Royal Court Theatre starring in Wish List while also appearing at the Royal National Theatre in Mosquitoes.

Joseph Quinn Will Star In Gladiator 2

The Ridley Scott epic sequel is finally coming in 2024 and Joseph Quinn has a major role. He’ll play co-emperor Caracalla alongside Fred Hechinger’s Geta. The flick won’t bring back Russell Crowe (for obvious reasons) but does kickoff a timeline following that original film.

It will star Paul Mescal as Lucius the secret son of Crowe’s Maximus. Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal are also on board with the movie set to release in November 2024.