Stranger Things Star Joseph Quinn Detained At Airport

Uh oh, what did Eddie try to sneak through?

By Michileen Martin | Published

joseph quinn

As far as United States viewers are concerned, starring as Eddie Munson in season 4 of Stranger Things has practically turned Joseph Quinn from a barely recognizable character actor to a genuine pop culture icon. His epic rendition of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” made him an instant favorite among fans, and it’s a good thing too. The actor recently revealed that if it wasn’t for his new status as a star here in the States, he might not have been allowed into the country.

Joseph Quinn made his talk show debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this past Monday, and he revealed he “very nearly didn’t make it.” When Fallon asked him to explain, Quinn said that upon arriving at the airport, he was detained by Immigration. “I was taken into, I guess what you could call it more of a dungeon,” Quinn recalled. “And I was asked to wait there for about 20 minutes and then I was summoned to this desk where someone asked me, ‘What are you doing in the United States, sir?’ I said, ‘I’m actually here to meet Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. And he didn’t believe me.” Quinn says the man’s coworker took a look at the actor and said “Leave Eddie alone,” and explained the actor played Eddie Munson on Stranger Things. The interviewer apparently asked Quinn if he was coming back for season 5 . “I was like, ‘I don’t know,’ and he said, ‘You better,’ and gave me my passport.” You can see Quinn tell Fallon the story below.

If it bothers Americans that Joseph Quinn was able to use his fame to get leniency, it may or may not comfort you to know that American government agents aren’t the only ones willing to cut through all the red tape when encountering fame. While Jimmy Fallon was away for the interview and subbed by Jimmy Kimmel, an episode of The Tonight Show earlier this year had a similar story except it took place in Canada and it was Hugh Jackman who almost didn’t make it to filming for 2000’s X-Men because his Australian visa hadn’t come through in time. At the time Jackman didn’t enjoy the fame he basks in now, but once the Canadian customs agents found out who Jackman was playing in X-Men, he got the green light to enter the country.

It’s ironic that playing the role of Eddie Munson wound up getting Joseph Quinn out of trouble with authorities considering the character we meet in season 4 of Stranger Things is initially on the run not only from the authorities, but from Hawkins citizens who have become vigilantes. Munson is wrongly accused of being involved with the murders of high school students, and his status as the head of the high school’s Hellfire Club only does more to convince the townsfolk he’s guilty.

We have no idea about Joseph Quinn returning for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, but the most recent season has left fans with some interesting theories. One of the most out-of-left-field is, as Mashable reports, that Eddie is a vampire. Another fan theory making the rounds on TikTok via the account of RelayTS that isn’t quite as nuts — but still somewhat improbable if not outright nonsense — is that as a child Eddie was subject Thirteen of the same secret project that gave Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) her powers. There is one significant hurdle for this theory — Thirteen appears in season 4 of Stranger Things, played by Hendrix Yacey, and she’s a girl. Regardless you can see RelayTS argue for his theory below.

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