Jonathan Majors Done At Marvel, Studio Moving Away From Actor

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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He Who Remains is about to be He Who Got Fired. According to World of Reel Disney has finally decided to do something about their Jonathon Majors Marvel problem—get rid of him. At first, Marvel seemed to be sticking by Majors despite his legal woes, but now it appears the studio has changed its mind.

Jonathan Majors Out At Marvel

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Joanna Robinson, author of MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, was recently a guest on the House of R podcast. She shared the bombshell news about Johnathan Majors’ future with Marvel.

Robinson claims that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania screenwriter Jeff Loveness was the one who confirmed Jonathan Majors was no longer working with Marvel and Disney.

They said the reason why is he was all wrapped up in this Kang storyline, and they are likely going to be moving away from that,” revealed Robinson.

Legal Problems The Reason?

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While the reason Robinson stated for Jonathan Majors and Marvel parting ways didn’t mention the actor’s ever-increasing legal problems, there’s no way they don’t have at least something to do with Majors’ exit from the MCU.

All of the pre-strike announcements regarding Marvel’s Phase Five and Phase Six plans pointed toward the studio going all-in on Kang the Conqueror as their next “Thanos.

It seems more than a little sus—as the kids say—that Marvel would just change the direction of all of their projects slated for the next five or so years on a whim.

Five More Projects Scheduled?

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Jonathan Majors has already played the Marvel baddie in Loki and Quantumania and was scheduled to appear in at least five more projects, including the next two big Avengers team-up movies.

It would have made more sense for Marvel to recast Majors rather than scrap all of their plans for Kang…unless Kang is the problem and not Majors.

Fan Energy At An All-Time Low

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It’s no surprise that Marvel’s “Multiverse Saga”—Phases Four through Six have been named—hasn’t exactly set the world on fire so far.

Fan enthusiasm for Marvel projects is at an all-time low following some of the worst-received movies and shows in MCU history.

Perhaps Kevin Feige has decided that sh*tcanning not only Jonathan Majors but Kang and all of his variants is the only way to save Marvel from its downward spiral.

Kang The Conqueror

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To be fair, all of Jonathan Majors’ alleged crimes aside, he’s never been anything but great acting-wise when it comes to his roles at Marvel.

The problem lies instead with Marvel’s decision to go with Kang the Conqueror as their next major villain. In terms of pop-culture cache, Kang has, like, zero clout.

If you ask most fans to name the best villains in the Marvel Universe, you’ll get names like Galactus, Magneto, Thanos, and The Green Goblin before you hear anyone mention Kang the Conqueror.

In fact, there is one particular villain who’s been at the heart of most of Marvel’s biggest events and is largely considered the premiere Marvel supervillain: Doctor Doom.

Disney And Marvel

Now that Disney owns Fox and can use any of the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters they want, perhaps the move to push Jonathan Majors out of Marvel is Keven Feige’s way of making room for Doom? It would certainly be the kind of stunt that would get fans hyped for the MCU again.

Regardless of who Marvel replaces Kang with, it’s bound to be a better villain than what we have currently.