Jonah Hill’s Best Movie Is Finally On Netflix New Year’s Day

One of the best, earliest, and raunchiest films from Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill will be coming to Netflix on New Years Day.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Superbad Jonah Hill Michael Cera

If you like raunch, bad language, a big helping of comedy, and Jonah Hill, well come January 1, 2021, Netflix has got the movie for you. Hill’s comedy classic, and possibly his best movie, Superbad is coming to the super streamer.

Jonah Hill plays Seth while Michael Cera of Arrested Development and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World plays his best friend Evan, two high school kids who face separation anxiety with graduation looming and both heading to different colleges. Their plan for their last days in high school is to somehow make it with the girls of their dreams.

As fate would have it, Jonah Hill’s Seth is paired with his crush Jules (Emma Stone) in his home economics class and she invites him to the party she is having at her house. Evan runs into Becca (Martha MacIsaac), who also is attending the party and the boys promise both young ladies that they will buy alcohol to bring to the party.

Superbad Jonah Hill Emma Stone

Enter McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Seth and Evan’s friend whose real name is Fogell, but has recently purchased a fake ID that says his name is McLovin. Just McLovin. As the trio attempts to purchase alcohol with the fake ID, bad luck follows. Two inept cops (Seth Rogen and Bill Hader) take Fogell for their own wild ride, while Jonah Hill’s Seth and Michael Cera’s Evan take to the streets trying to find another way to get the alcohol and end up at the party with their high school crushes.

Prior to starring in Superbad, Jonah Hill had small parts in I Heart Huckabees, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Grandma’s Boy, and the TV series Campus Ladies. Hill began to get a little more recognition in the comedy Accepted and then the Judd Apatow comedy Knocked Up, in a scene-stealing role. It was his connections with Apatow and Seth Rogen that helped bolster his career and eventually land him his Superbad role.

The story was co-written by Seth Rogen and his childhood friend Evan Goldberg, who based it on their high school experiences. Initially, Rogen was writing it as a starring vehicle for himself but eventually passed the role of Seth on to Jonah Hill so he could play one of the cops. The movie was also one of Emma Stone’s first starring roles, and the movie was made for $20 million and brought in over $170 million. For a movie that uses the word “f*ck” one hundred eighty-six times, that’s pretty good.

Superbad Jonah Hill Michael Cera Christopher Mintz-Plasse

But Superbad was more than just a raunchy teenage comedy. It was the movie that propelled Jonah Hill to newer heights. Young people loved his brand of comedy and it showed in the years following and the movies he chose to be in. He took his first lead role and turned it into box office gold. He grabbed a small but fun role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and then reteamed with Russell Brand, who played rocker Aldous Snow in the movie, in the spinoff, Get Him to the Greek.

Jonah Hill then ran off a string of major comedies that included 21 Jump Street, This Is the End, Funny People, 22 Jump Street, and Hail, Caesar! Jonah Hill has already received two Oscar nominations for his performances in Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, and Hill has even become a filmmaker himself, writing and directing 2018’s Mid90s.

One thing Jonah Hill doesn’t shy away from is profanity. His role in Superbad is a perfect example of profanity at its raunchiest. But Superbad doesn’t even come close to another movie that Hill starred in: Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, which holds the record for the most profane movie of all time, with offensive language being used over 710 times.

Superbad Michael Cera Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill’s character of Donnie Azoff had him firing off curse word-after-curse word, which ultimately (according to The Wrap and Buzz Bingo) pushed him past Samuel L. Jackson and into the number one slot as the actor who has sworn the most on film. According to Buzz Bingo, Hill swore on camera 22.9 times for every one thousand words he spoke. Hill’s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo Di Caprio also passed Jackson to move into second place on the most profane list, with Wolf of Wall Street being the film that pushed him past Jackson.

With Superbad arriving on Netflix on January 1, 2021, fans will be able to see a young Jonah Hill on the rise. This movie put him on the map and turned him into a comedy superstar. Obviously, if raunchy humor isn’t your cup of tea then Hill’s Superbad may not be a movie for you, but with a heavy dose of heart and a nice story about friendship, Superbad is still one of Hill’s finest films.