Emma Stone, Like Many Others, Is Not Interested In Ghostbusters 3

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emma stoneYou guys know what time it is. It’s time for everybody’s favorite non-news program Everything That Isn’t Exactly Happening With Ghostbusters 3. I’m your host Skip Slittersby (since even names aren’t confirmed where Ghostbusters 3 is concerned). Today’s top story is that actress Emma Stone is not interested in starring in this long-gestating sequel. It isn’t actually clear that she was ever interested. Rumors like this often tend to run amok. The source is quoted as saying she “is passing” on the project. In reality, this could potentially mean Stone had three or four unwritten emails from Dan Aykroyd in her inbox that she didn’t read until earlier this week.

Stone’s name was rumored along with Jonah Hill, who, rumor has it, is still showing interest in the starring role. What’s intriguing, should it be true, is that Sony is apparently looking for two big name actors to sign on for the film or they’re not going to give it the green light. That sounds like common sense, as studios always want star power for their franchise projects, especially in the case of such a troubled film like Ghostbusters 3.