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Eddie Murphy’s Controversial New Comedy Is Top Of The Charts On Netflix

You People, Eddie Murphy’s new movie with Jonah Hill, is in the top five most-watched movies on Netflix.

1 month ago

Jonah Hill Needs CGI For Kiss Scenes

Jonah Hill apparently needed CGI to have the final kiss scene with Laura London actually achieved.

1 month ago

Netflix Used CGI For Kissing Scenes In Its Biggest Movie?

Comedian Andrew Schulz says the kiss between Jonah Hill and Lauren London in You People was CGI’d after the fact.

2 months ago

eddie murphy

Eddie Murphy’s New Movie Blasted For Being Antisemitic

Critics have been stating that Eddie Murphy’s new movie is antisemitic in the way it portrays the Jewish family in the movie.

2 months ago

channing tatum movie

A Raunchy Channing Tatum Movie Is Crushing It On Netflix

The Channing Tatum movie adaptation of 21 Jump Street is in the top ten most streamed on Netflix.

3 months ago

jonah hill eddie murphy

See Jonah Hill Talk About Having Sex With Eddie Murphy’s Daughter

Both Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy are pretty busy guys in Hollywood these days with each legendary comedian working on their own highly anticipated projects. Luckily for us, the duo was able to combine their forces in You People, a new Netflix feature that sees Jonah Hill’s character dating the daughter of Eddie Murphy and …

4 months ago

channing tatum marvel

Channing Tatum’s Best Comedy Is Coming To Netflix

Channing Tatum’s best comedy in 21 Jump Street is coming to Netflix on December 1st.

4 months ago

keanu reeves i am legend 2

Keanu Reeves To Star In Jonah Hill’s Next Directorial Feature

Keanu Reeves will star in Outcome, the next film by director Jonah Hill.

4 months ago

seth rogen

A Hellish Seth Rogen Movie Is Trending On Netflix

The dark comedy This is the End is on Netflix’s Top 10 most streamed movies.

6 months ago

jonah hill

Jonah Hill Hated His Best Co-Star

Jonah Hill absolutely hated his best co-star ever from the beginning of their audition, but that is what made it work.

7 months ago

jonah hll

Jonah Hill Will No Longer Promote His Movies Because Of Anxiety Attacks

Jonah Hill has released a statement that he will no longer be actively promoting his films, for mental health reason.

7 months ago

channing tatum

Channing Tatum’s Best Action Blockbuster Is Streaming For Free

Channing Tatum has always been pegged as the “heartthrob” character, but one of his best action blockbusters is currently streaming for free.

7 months ago

leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Controversial Biopic Is Crushing It On Streaming

Leonardo DiCaprio has never been more persuasive than in this controversial comedy now crushing it on streaming.

9 months ago

Mischa Barton leonardo dicaprio
samuel l. jackson nick fury captain marvel

Jonah Hill Has Smashed Samuel L. Jackson’s All-Time Record

Whilst it is hardly surprising that these five stars feature at the top, the order is intriguing and one that Samuel L. Jackson believes is incorrect. Readers can see Jackson’s reaction to the news in the video below.

1 year ago

jonah hill

Jonah Hill Is Playing A Music Legend In New Martin Scorsese Movie

Jonah Hill is teaming up with Martin Scorsese for biopic about one of the most famous bands ever. This could really be something and Hill looks like the perfect person to play the lead.

1 year ago

leonardo dicaprio jennifer lawrence

See Leonardo DiCaprio And Jennifer Lawrence Try To Save Us From A Comet In The Don’t Look Up Trailer

Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Don’t Look Up starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

2 years ago

eddie murphy

Eddie Murphy Teaming With Another Comedy Superstar In New Netflix Movie

Eddie Murphy is getting together with Netflix and another comedy star.

2 years ago

Leonardo DiCaprio

See Leonardo DiCaprio Freak Out In First Trailer For New Netflix Movie

Catch this new trailer with Leonardo DiCaprio hilariously freaking out.

2 years ago

jonah hill

An Overlooked Jonah Hill Movie Is Hitting Netflix

One of Jonah Hill’s less-appreciated movies is landing on Netflix.

2 years ago


Superbad 2 Should Be All Female, Says McLovin

Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who played McLovin in Superbad, has said that if there was a Superbad 2, it should feature a female lead cast.

2 years ago

Jonah HIll Emma Stone

Jonah Hill’s Best Movie Is Finally On Netflix New Year’s Day

One of the best, earliest, and raunchiest films from Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill will be coming to Netflix on New Years Day.

2 years ago

emma stone

Emma Stone, Like Many Others, Is Not Interested In Ghostbusters 3

You guys know what time it is. It’s time for everybody’s favorite non-news program Everything That Isn’t Exactly Happening With Ghostbusters 3. I’m your host Skip Slittersby (since even names aren’t confirmed where Ghostbusters 3 is concerned). Today’s top story is that actress Emma Stone is not interested in starring in this long-gestating sequel. It …

9 years ago