See Johnny Depp Appear As One Of Television’s Most Iconic Mascots

Who expected that?

By Cameron Eittreim | Published

johnny depp

Johnny Depp made a triumphant return to mainstream media last night at the MTV VMA’s where the well-known actor returned as the iconic MTV moon man during the annual event, according to Depp was projected above the audience in a digital hologram where he jokingly stated that he was looking for work. This was Depp’s first appearance on a mainstream television show or motion picture since his highly publicized defamation trial. The actor uploaded the video from the VMA’s to his social media accounts shortly after the show. His social media post about his appearance has raked in over 1,001,874 likes in 24 hours. You can see his appearance below.

Johnny Depp was awarded a 10 million dollar-plus judgment against Heard after his trial was completed. During the trial, there was a lot of testimony back and forth from Depp and Heard about the events that took place during their relationship. When the actor won his lawsuit, he was seemingly vindicated in the court of public opinion.

The moon man presentation was well designed and the crowd reacted with sustained applause starting with the appearance of Johnny Depp’s face. The actor poked fun at his own situation, making light of his issues finding and keeping work in the years since Heard’s allegations arose. The stunt proved to be a light-hearted return for the actor who has been rumored to be in talks with Disney.

The rest of the VMA’s built on the presence of Johnny Depp with some great musical performances. There were throwback performances from Nikki Minaj, Fergie, and LL Cool J. LL Cool J hosted the event with Minaj.

Johnny Depp’s appearance as the iconic MTV Moon Man is destined to go down as one of the more outrageous moments at an awards ceremony in a ceremony known for outrageous moments. It rates right up there with Paul Reubens’s “heard any good jokes lately,” Howard Stern’s Fartman appearance, Nirvana destroying the set while taunting Axl Rose from the stage, and plenty of artists taking the chance to drop f-bombs on live TV.

johnny depp
Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)

There was, as Johnny Depp joked on the VMAs, a time when it certainly looked like he’d be going without work for a much longer time. Along with not appearing in any new chapters of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Depp was forced out as the villain of the Fantastic Beasts franchise and replaced by Mads Mikkelsen. Mikkelsen recently admitted he thinks Depp might be taking his job as Grindelwald back. Not to mention that his 2020 drama Minamata was completely withheld from a North American release by MGM for over a year.

Whether or not we see the Johnny Depp revival so many are predicting, only time will tell. For now, he only has one film confirmed to be on the way — the historical epic La Favorite in which he will play King Louis XV. La Favorite will eventually stream on Netflix as an original film.