John Wick Spin-Off Prequel Plot Revealed

The John Wick prequel is still coming. Here's how the project has changed.

By Tristan Zelden | Published

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John Wick Prequel

The John Wick prequel, The Continental, has been stalled for a while now, but it is starting to get some serious traction. Out of the already confirmed details, we might have a hint at the plot based on insider Daniel Richtman.

According to a post on his Patreon, the John Wick prequel will follow a younger Winston, who in the movies is played by Ian McShane (Deadwood). The hotel owner will be joined by his brother Frankie, who stole a valuable item from his employer. From that theft, the two must handle the consequences. This is not confirmed, but if it turns out true, fans of the action franchise can assume it will end with a bloodbath.

Of this synopsis, some details match up to what we know about the John Wick prequel. It will feature a young Winston back in the 1970s. During this time, the character was at a point where he was starting to grow his power as the owner of the Continental.

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The Continental was meant to be a series based on the hotel of the same name that is a safe haven for assassins. The John Wick prequel has shifted gears since its conception. Now it will be a three-part event with new details that have been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter. The only thing not mentioned is what we can expect from the plot, leaving the insider’s story to be a possibility left on the table.

The scoop reveals that Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli) will be directing the first and third episodes for the Lionsgate and Starz John Wick prequel. He will act as an executive producer for all three installments of the event. These episodes will run approximately 90 minutes with a budget of about $20 million.

While Hughes is a newcomer to the world of assassins, the key people behind the movies will be attached to the John Wick prequel show. Writer Derek Kolstad and Chad Stahelski, who directed all of the films, will act as executive producers. David Leitch will also be an executive producer as he has for the blockbuster installments; with the Boogeyman himself, Keanu Reeves is in talks to produce too. Stahelski was meant to direct the premiere but since then backed out to his current role.

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What warranted a John Wick prequel was the surprising success of the first movie. The premise about a guy avenging his dog enticed jokes on social media, but when it came out, it got positive reviews and plenty of cash. Off a $20 million budget, it grossed $86 million worldwide. Each sequel raked in more money than the last, with Chapter 2 grossing $171 million and Parabellum grossing $326 million globally; it continues to raise the bar.

The current progress on a John Wick prequel is a good sign for its release coming sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, the next two movies are currently being made. The only difference will be the absence of Derek Kolstad. Despite that, things are moving along for Chapter 4, which will hit theaters on May 27, 2022.