Jodie Comer To Play James Bond?

Could Jodie Comer end up playing the next version of James Bond? Fans are calling for the casting and the actress responded

By Doug Norrie | Updated

jodie comer james bond

Could we end up seeing the first-ever female 007 when James Bond is eventually rebooted with a new lead? If some fans had it their way, that would be the direction for the franchise going forward. A not-insignificant contingent of folks took to Twitter recently making the case for Jodie Comer as the next martini drinker, saying the actress would be perfect for the role. If this was the direction the studio ended up going, it would of course mark a monumental shift for the iconic character, ushering in a completely different look for Bond and altering the course of the franchise for good. 

While fan outpouring doesn’t a casting decision make, there were more than a few folks ringing in endorsements for Jodie Comer as James Bond, pointing to previous roles that highlighted her ability to play solidly in the spy game. The first and most obvious part of the resume is her star turn in BBC’s Killing Eve. In the series, she is an MI5 agent working the domestic threat angle. It would only be something of a small step up in the British Intelligence ranks to make her way over MI6 and take on the mantle of James Bond. This wasn’t lost on fans who made the necessary comparisons. 

Responding to the call to play James Bond, Jodie Comer did talk to LAD Bible about the prospect. At first, she was quick to remind folks about her current role, suggesting that was as close as she might get to playing a spy. But she did leave the idea open, clearly saying it would be worth considering. Comer said, “Isn’t she (Eve) her own Bond in a way? A little bit of flavour on top…But no, look, never say (never), who knows what comes your way.” This is far from a casting decision, but sometimes the mere suggestion of an actor or actress for a part is enough to get the studio execs moving in a certain direction. 

Right now though it would appear Jodie Comer isn’t in the full running for the part of James Bond. Based on the most recent betting odds, the favorite in the clubhouse is former Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page at 5/2 odds. Close behind are Tom Hardy and James Norton tied at 3/1. Henry Cavill and Idris Elba round out the top-5 at 7/1 and 8/1 respectively. For what it’s worth, Jodie Comer isn’t in the book’s top-20 in terms of favorites for the part. Bookmakers also don’t a casting decision make and these things tend to change quickly, but there is a lengthy list who could also be vying for the part. 

In addition to Killing Eve, Jodie Comer is also coming off another action movie from this summer when she showed up in the Ryan Reynolds-led Free Guy. She played Millie/ Molotov Girl in a flick that trended much more comedic than anything we would see in the James Bond franchise. 

Before we get Jodie Comer, or anyone else, in the role of James Bond, we still have to close out this current iteration. Daniel Craig is making his final curtain call as 007 in No Time to Die which hits theater in the United States on Friday. It’s been labeled a fitting end for his turn as the character, setting up future stories for someone else in the role.