The Jeremy Renner Neo-Western Crime Film On Netflix Is His Best Movie

By Steven Nelson | Published

In the unforgiving icy landscapes, where silence isn’t just golden but pervasive, we find ourselves engulfed in the gritty narrative that unfolds in Wind River streaming on Netflix. Starring Jeremy Renner, an actor who never shies away from complex, layered characters, this movie beckons viewers into a world that is as beautiful as it is brutal.

As you find yourself nestled comfortably in your living room, prepare to be transported to a chilling crime scene that is as cold as the Wyoming winter depicted in the movie. 

Jeremy Renner stars in Wind River streaming on Netflix

So, make sure your Netflix subscription is active, and your blanket is snug, as we dive deep into the realms of mystery, justice, and the unfaltering human spirit showcased brilliantly in Wind River. Let’s navigate through the chilling details that make this movie a masterpiece of modern cinema.

In the hauntingly serene yet savage terrains of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, the story spirals around the relentless pursuit of justice. The film is held taut by the directorial prowess of Taylor Sheridan, an artist adept at weaving narratives that strike a fine balance between raw realism and intricate storytelling.

In this thriller, Jeremy Renner embodies Cory Lambert, a seasoned wildlife officer with a knack for tracking predators in the harsh wilderness. His path intertwines with that of Jane Banner, a fresh and somewhat unprepared FBI agent portrayed by the inimitable Elizabeth Olsen. Together, they navigate the unsettling and bitter cold territory, both literally and figuratively, as they try to unravel the mystery behind the gruesome death of a local young woman.

Wind River was written by Taylor Sheridan and also stars Elizabeth Olsen

Their journey is not just a search for a murderer but also a deep dive into the socio-economic intricacies and the grim realities of life on the reservation. Sheridan skillfully unravels a world where despair often overshadows hope, and where the landscape mirrors the harsh lives of its inhabitants.

Adding more depth to the narrative are well-rounded performances by a cast that includes Gil Birmingham, who brings life to the role of Martin, the grief-stricken father, struggling to come to terms with the tragic loss of his daughter.

Together, this stellar ensemble cast takes us on a journey that is as much about personal redemption as it is about justice, giving audiences a glimpse into the bleak realities that lie in the hidden corners of America’s frontiers.

Jeremy Renner Was In A Major Accident

Jeremy Renner, known for his role in Avengers, experienced a severe accident on January 1 when he was hit by a snowplow. This accident resulted in blunt chest trauma and 30 broken bones. At the time, Renner was trying to help his nephew free a pickup truck from the snow. He was trapped under the tread of his moving Sno-Cat vehicle while attempting to prevent his nephew from getting struck.

jeremy renner

Renner underwent two surgeries and had to use various aids like a walker, cane, and back brace during his recovery, as seen in a video montage he shared on social media. He quoted, “My PT made this for reference and to remember, you cannot walk unless you take one step at a time!”

Despite the gravity of his injuries, Renner remained transparent about his healing journey. He appeared in the documentary, Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview, discussing the details of the incident and stating, “I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone, but I’ve been refueled and refilled with love and titanium.” His MCU co-stars, including Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans, supported him throughout, visiting him during his recovery.

Apart from this personal ordeal, Renner has kept himself busy with various projects. He starred in the crime thriller series Mayor of Kingstown which premiered in 2021. The series sheds light on systemic racism, corruption, and inequality in Kingstown, Michigan. Furthermore, Renner’s passion for community service is evident in the reality documentary series Rennervations on Disney+, where he travels worldwide, aiding communities by reimagining purpose-built vehicles.

The future of Renner’s film career remains uncertain for now, but his strength and tenacity in the face of adversity have inspired many.