Jeopardy Scandals Are Scaring Away New Guest Hosts

The search for a new Jeopardy! host has gotten a lot more complicated.

By Annie Banks | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Jeopardy! is in jeopardy of finding a new host to fill the role after the Mike Richards scandal has scared away potential stand-ins. Behind-the-scenes chaos threatens the stability of finding a new host as fear dominates any new candidate, scared away by the Jeopardy! workplace environment. There were once guest hosts lining up for the job, hoping to have Hollywood prestige rub off of them. Now, insiders are saying the once-respected show is struggling to find someone who won’t back out before the season airs.

Top Hollywood publicists are reportedly advising that their clients stay away from Jeopardy!, warning them to stay away from the “train wreck” of a production that has been destroyed after trying to seek out replacements for the late Alex Trebek, whose tragic passing still shocks anyone with access to television. Richards’ firing brought about the ongoing pursuit for a new host after his scandals were brought to the attention of the public. Other big names were considered for the host position, but it is alleged that they insisted that Richards was removed in order for them to even consider stepping in.

Sony Pictures TV supports Richards stepping down as host after his self-termination came about. They admitted that they were surprised by Richards’ past podcast and the offensive language that was used by him. They also addressed concerns around his behaviors and have stated that they have issued expectations for him while moving forward. Richards may not be the featured host, but will act as an executive producer for Jeopardy! and limit his work to production.

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Mayim Bialik has been appointed as the temporary host for the game show until a permanent replacement has been selected and is willing to commit to Jeopardy! She is known for her time on The Big Bang Theory and Blossom and now will host prime-time specials. Only one special has been ordered by Sony Pictures TV so far, and 15 episodes have been scheduled for taping in total. Fans aren’t exactly thrilled by Bialik being chosen as the new Jeopardy! host as she has many controversies still attached to her.

One of those controversies included Bialik blaming the actors who suffered sexual harassment inflicted by Harvey Weinstein. She publically noted that she would continue to work with Dustin Hoffman if given the chance. She also cast Hoffman as the lead in her autobiographical story despite him being accused of assaulting eight women, two of them minors. Bialik has also made concerning comments about vaccines and has been deemed to be an anti-vaxxer, due to comments in her book, despite her representative making it known that she is vaccinated against COVID-19. Since then, Bialik has said that she has given her children some vaccines, but has not specified which ones. She has not stepped back from her spot as Jeopardy! host, even under fans’ disapproval.

Aside from Bialik and Richards, there hasn’t been much talk about who will be the next prospective host that will lead the trivia show. It’s completely understandable that those who may express interest are scared away from even auditioning for the part, knowing that once they’re in the public eye, so is their past, present, and future. Jeopardy! is jeopardizing its chances of finding its new face.