Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has Decided What To Do With Negan’s Bat

While the fate of Negan in The Walking Dead is uncertain, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has finalized his plans for his trusty baseball ball.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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For fans of the hit AMC series The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan and his beloved baseball bat, Lucille, rank high on their list of favorites. But while getting a real Negan in our lives would be impossible (and maybe a bit scary), the actor just gave his true fans a chance to get their hands on his trusty bat. Morgan has donated a signed Lucille to support Home For Our Troops 5th Annual Veterans Day Celebrity Auction.

Negan’s trusty bat is currently up on eBay and includes images of Jeffrey Dean Morgan signing the barbed wire-wrapped bat along with the name ‘Negan.’ While Morgan’s bat isn’t the only celebrity memorabilia that has been hosted in the auction, it definitely steals the spotlight. All 130 items included in the auction will be up for bidding until November 14 and the proceeds will be invested in building homes for post-9/11 veterans. As of now, the highest bid on Negan’s bat is $3,150.00. So, in case, you are an ardent The Walking Dead fan, now is the chance to bid higher and own this iconic piece!

Fans of TWD would remember that the badass Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his beloved bat wrapped in barbed wire made their debut back in the Season 6 finale. He named the bat after his dead wife, Lucille, and treated it as a symbol of her presence in his life. The bat was seen frequently when Negan played a through and through antagonist on the show and it was his favorite weapon against his enemies. With time, Negan shed his bad guy image and turned into an anti-hero of sorts who has been instrumental in the fight against the walkers. But of late, fans have been worried about Negan’s future with The Walking Dead concluding its story with Season 11. Currently, no spinoffs featuring the character have been announced. 

But Jeffrey Dean Morgan has, time and again, raised hope that there is every possibility of a spinoff series starring the villain-turned-protagonist, Negan. Earlier this year, Morgan shared with Conan O’Brien that the creators of The Walking Dead are definitely discussing the idea of “possibly continuing the story of Negan.” It would be a welcome addition to the franchise.

Recently, Jeffrey Dean Morgan once again assured his fans that he and the network are actively discussing Negan’s future and hinted that the conclusion of The Walking Dead may not spell the end of the character. And in case, Negan does make it out alive before the currently airing Season 11 wraps up, Morgan has established that he doesn’t want to explore the character’s past anymore and wants to move forward with the story and not backward.

If the makers of the TWD universe decide to add a Negan spinoff series to its growing list of shows under the franchise, Jeffrey Dean Morgan would either like to do a short series depicting how the Saviors originated in the first place or a storyline that will tell what happens to Negan next. Well, as long as the story is about Negan, we are definitely all in! And you can be as well with a chance to own Lucille for yourself.