Javicia Leslie Returning As Batwoman?

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

batwoman javicia leslie

The Arrowverse is a bit of a mess at this point. Most shows have been canceled or done away with in a not-so-great fashion. That was certainly the case for Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, as the CW began to clean house after the Warner Bros and Discovery merger happened. The only shows that seemed to make it out of the CW purge were Superman & Lois and The Flash. There are also rumblings that Grant Gustin might be leaving The Flash after this next season too. However, Javicia Leslie, who is the star of Batwoman, is open to returning to the character. According to Leslie, “If my schedule allows it, I’m always down to play in Gotham. I mean, Batwoman is a part of my fibre at this point. It’s a part of my fabric. I think the most amazing part is, that was a character that we created.”

There could certainly be a time in which Javicia Leslie could return, especially considering how important the multiverse seems to be for both DC and Marvel. Despite the issues that are going on with Ezra Miller, the film they are meant to appear in is going to be fully invested in breaking open the multiverse. In the same way that Doctor Strange 2 brought in some high-level cameos, Batwoman could theoretically appear in another show or universe. Javicia Leslie might not see her end as the character. She was the version of Batwoman that also met the other CW characters, as she was part of The Flash event, Armageddon. So, she could reappear in another show for some other high-level event.

Batwoman has had a tough road since it aired. Ruby Rose was the first version of Batwoman, but she had left the show after only the first season. That left the door open for Javicia Leslie to be cast in the role. However, when major recasting happens, it usually doesn’t work out that well. Batwoman did last another two seasons before it had been canceled. An interesting note is that HBO Max is the streaming platform that has been picking up most of the off-shoot DC properties, so it could be the one that swoops in to save the Batwoman series. Fans have already begun plenty of social media campaigns to revive the series.

Quite honestly, the Arrowverse is kind of the weak point of DC, apart from The Flash. It might just be time to shake things up completely and get away from the style that CW makes their shows in. At least for the core characters. The DC films are going through their own kind of rebirth, so maybe it’s time to take a step back and redo everything. In the same way that Marvel has their films connected to shows these days, DC might be aiming to do something similar. This could start with bringing Javicia Leslie over to HBO but offer a more gritty look at the character.

Batwoman and Javicia Leslie have been hugely popular, despite the show being canceled. She could appear in another Arrowverse show or quite possibly in The Flash movie as a small cameo. There is another Batgirl film being put together that sees the glorious return of Brendan Fraser, so with the multiverse being opened, maybe there could be two Batwomen popping up at some point.