Jason Momoa Is In Wonder Woman 3?

That indicates that Jason Momoa as Aquaman will be ready to team up with Wonder Woman for the first time since the Justice League films.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Wonder Woman 3 is currently being written and insider information from That Hashtag Show has been revealed about the potential plot for the upcoming DC Extended Universe film. Based on this new information, Diana must battle a villain that bridges both the worlds of Themyscira and Atlantis. Arion is that new villain and he exists in both worlds. That indicates that Jason Momoa as Aquaman will be ready to team up with Wonder Woman for the first time since the Justice League films.

According to a report from That Hashtag Show, Arion begins to wreak havoc for both the Themyscira and Atlantian worlds, which causes the two to be at odd ends, and a war of sorts begins to brew. This would make complete sense for the DCEU, as this happens in the Flashpoint comics. Similarly the new The Flash film is set to bring in the multiverse as part of its plot, with Michael Keaton returning as Batman. This could mean that the multiverse plot will be a part of DCEU continuity for a good amount of time. Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) all play their parts to bridge the gap of the multiverse.

The multiverse is something happening with the MCU currently, so naturally, the DCEU would want to keep pace with them. This is nothing new considering that Justice League came roaring into theaters shortly after the success of the Avengers films. The reveal that Aquaman (Jason Momoa) makes an appearance in Wonder Woman 3 is part of an early script write, so there is a chance that part is re-written at some point or even completely removed.

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However, if the plot strongly involved Arion, then it is likely that Jason Momoa will remain in Wonder Woman 3. It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for an Atlantian villain to be the main threat to Wonder Woman and for her to not call on Aquaman for help. Arion apparently dispatches Diana with ease, and she must travel to Atlantis to find a way to defeat this new villain. The new film will test Diana’s leadership skills as she must be the bridge between two potential warring nations.

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has been a fan favorite in the DCEU and to have him appear in more than just Aquaman is a smart move. Especially seeing the potentiality of Wonder Woman and Aquaman fighting side by side. Further details also reveal the Blue Beetle technology will be introduced into this film. An even more welcoming plot point, as the Blue Beetle is one of DC’s best classic heroes. The Blue Beetle is similar in nature to Marvel’s Ant-Man, but with more of an Iron Man twist to it. The reveal of an upcoming Blue Beetle film was announced as part of DC’s Fandom. It will stream on HBO Max.

Hopefully, the DCEU can find their footing again after the Justice League films and Wonder Woman 2 were met with poor reviews. Aquaman still remains a fan-favorite and Jason Momoa is a welcome part of any action film, especially when it comes to underwater fighting.