Jason Momoa Tests Positive For The Virus, Aquaman 2 Filming In Danger?

By Doug Norrie | 1 week ago

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Jason Momoa has become every bit an action star, leading one of the biggest comic book franchises out there and also taking his skills to other productions as well. He’s taken his hulking mass and acting skills and turned them into one of the true stars out there right now. But there’s a chance his next big blockbuster could be facing a delay. It’s being reported that Jason Momoa has tested positive for Covid-19 and is currently quarantining. That means Aquaman 2 is now facing a delay in production and it’s unclear what the timelines are for it to ramp back up. 

According to the latest reports, Jason Momoa possibly contracted Covid-19 while at the premiere for another blockbuster, Dune. That event went down a couple of weeks ago, on October 15th in London. The actor was open about what he thought probably happened, having met and talked to a ton of folks while at that event. In the wake of the premiere, Momoa had spoken about it in an Instagram story saying, “I got hit with COVID right after the premiere…I’m doing fine. Thank you for all your concerns and love. And, yeah, I’m just camped out in my house.” 

Where this quarantine for Jason Momoa leaves Aquaman 2 isn’t quite clear. The movie is currently filming in London. It’s been in production since near the end of June though there are no definitive reports about where exactly it is along the timeline. Other reporting for Page Six had it that filmmakers were becoming concerned that Jason Momoa quarantining for an indefinite amount of time would cause significant delays in filming, things that would need to be tacked on to the timeline. 

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Losing the star of a film is no easy thing for a film production to work around. The central character in a story commands more on-screen time than anyone else. This much is obvious. What’s less obvious in this case is if there are easy workarounds for the situation, filming out of a previously planned order for instance. There are other big names in this production, some of who were reported to become a bigger part of this Aquaman story in Aquaman 2. For instance, rumors have abounded that Amber Heard would see an increase in on-screen time for this one. If that’s the case, there’s some chance Jason Momoa sitting it out for a few weeks isn’t the end of the production world. 

While filming delays are a concern, it’s unlikely the overall production itself is in immense danger here. With Jason Momoa saying he feels fine, there is a good chance things get back on track in relatively due order. Aquaman 2, titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to pick up the titular character’s story, this time apparently dealing with the folks from Necrus, another mysterious underwater kingdom. And it will be looking to capitalize on the runaway success of the first movie which hit $1.15 billion at the box office. That number represents the biggest flick in the DC catalog and a top-10 superhero film of all time. 

We will have more news on Jason Momoa and the Aquaman 2 production as it comes in. After a couple of weeks, it stands to reason that things get back up and started sooner than later. As of this writing, there had no other reported Covid-19 cases on the set of the film.