Jason Momoa’s Aquaman 2 First Official Poster Is A Huge Disappointment

Fans are disappointed with the poster for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which features nothing more than a cracked iceberg.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

jason momoa aquaman 2

We all know the saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, but in the case of Aquaman 2, fans are already expressing disappointment with the promotional poster that was spotted at CinemaCon. Considering that a test screening of the highly-anticipated sequel performed so poorly that reshoots were required, this does not bode well for the upcoming Jason Momoa film. And DC fans on Twitter are expressing their doubts about the film after feasting their eyes on the poster, which features a cracked iceberg, but no cast members.

Though Twitter can often be polarizing, fans have not parsed their words about their disappointment in the Aquaman 2 promotional poster. Twitter user @GamesJlr left us no room for interpretation when he matter-of-factually stated “that poster sucks.”

It’s one thing to criticize the poster, which leaves a lot to be desired, but user @Cokie_Ye expressed further disdain by stating that they will not be watching the upcoming Jason Momoa film.

But in the grand scheme of things, poor reception to the Aquaman 2 poster does not at this point in time indicate that the movie will be poorly received by audiences in its final iteration. Though we’ve seen the release date get pushed back several times, it seems to us that director James Wan is using every resource available to make sure Jason Momoa’s reprisal of Arthur Curry/Aquaman is set up for success.

Despite the odds stacked against Aquaman 2, there’s still hope for the film to be successful. At least we’re hoping that Jason Momoa will bring the goods to this final film installment of the DCEU before we see the transition to James Gunn’s new DC film universe, which will commence on the cinematic front with 2025’s Superman: Legacy.

Aquaman 2, which bears the title Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, will bring us a new set of conflicts. We will see Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Patrick Wilson’s Orm be forced to protect the city of Atlantis after an ancient power is unleashed, and we’re wondering if the film will live up to its predecessor’s success. Though this will be no easy feat, considering that Aquaman boasts a total worldwide gross of $1.15 billion to date, making it the highest-grossing film in the DCEU.

What’s more, Aquaman is also the highest-grossing film based on any DC character. In other words, to say that there’s a lot riding on the success of Aquaman 2 would be a massive understatement. But we’ll just have to wait until December 20 for its theatrical release to find out.

Jason Momoa has also gone on record stating that he has so much invested in his portrayal of Aquaman, and what he stands for, so we’re hoping that the reshoots will do the film, and the character, justice.

And it’s certainly been a long time coming for Aquaman 2. Though the promotional poster is considered by many to be underwhelming, this should not be the measuring stick for the overall quality of the upcoming film. Though we’ve seen so many setbacks in bringing Jason Momoa back to reprise the role of Aquaman, we’re holding out hope that this will be the sequel that we’ve been waiting for.