See Turtleneck Jake Gyllenhaal In The Trailer For Michael Bay’s Crazy New Movie Ambulance

Jake Gyllenhaal is taking aim at a killer bank heist in the trailer for Michael Bay's Ambulance!

By Jason Collins | Published

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Michael Bay is back, and everyone knows what that means – bombastic, explosion-filled, in-your-face action sequences, filmed with low-angle cameras that pan out to capture the aftermath of utter destruction previously laid by either the protagonist or the antagonist of the film, and all of that in slow-motion. Well, his latest brainchild – the upcoming movie Ambulance — now has Jake Gyllenhaal, in a turtleneck, shooting at a police helicopter from the moving ambulance.

The movie’s synopsis can be surmised from the recently released trailer, depicting Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as an army veteran down on his luck, as he needs more than $200,000 to pay for his wife’s surgery. The army veteran turns to his “brother” portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal for help – and Gyllenhaal’s character suggests robbing a bank as a solution. But, of course, things get complicated when a cop enters the bank they’re robbing and gets shot during the robbery. When the robbery goes south, Gyllenhaal and Abdul-Mateen steal an ambulance carrying the now-wounded cop as their getaway vehicle, turning already-complicated circumstances into a hostage situation. You can see the trailer below:

The upcoming Ambulance, which also stars Eiza Gonzalez, Gatter Dillahunt, and Deven Long, was written by Chris Fedak, best known for his work on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Ambulance’s narrative is set in Los Angeles over the course of one day and follows the bank-robbing duo as they’re trying to outrun SWAT teams, cop cars, and police helicopters. Seemingly not the bad guys of the film, Jake Gyllenhaal and Abdul-Mateen are just trying to do the wrong thing for the right reasons while, at the same time, just trying to survive and get home.

Following the filming, Jake Gyllenhaal, who spent the majority of filming shooting action scenes in the small, enclosed space of an ambulance vehicle, stated that the experience had given him a newfound respect for first responders. “There are so many sharp edges in an ambulance nobody thinks about when it’s driving as fast it is,” said Gyllenhaal in a newspaper interview last month. Admittedly, this new perspective came to the actor after he spent hours upon hours of shooting scenes in which he’s being thrown around in an ambulance.

In the very same interview, Jake Gyllenhaal disclosed how’s it like working with Michael Bay. He said that he previously has heard fantastic stories about the director and producer and what it’s like working with him, describing said stories of driving through L.A. at 100 MPH shooting guns as “wild.”

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Prior to his work on Ambulance, Jake Gyllenhaal previously starred in Netflix’s The Guilty and Spider-Man: Far from Home – where he portrayed one of Marvel’s greatest supervillains. On the same note, Robert Downey Jr. was nearly cast as a Marvel supervillain as well. In addition, Gyllenhaal’s Ambulance co-star, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, recently starred in Candyman – a sequel to the same-name film from 1992. Most importantly, the actor is set to play Morpheus in the upcoming The Matrix sequel, The Matrix Resurrections, set to release on December 22. Ambulance, which is currently in the post-production phase, and is expected to release on February 18, 2022.