Jackass Star Arrested For Public Intoxication, See The Video

Jackass star Bam Margera was arrested for public intoxication after acting strangely at a restaurant.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

bam margera priscilla presley
Bam Margera

It looks like Jackass star Bam Margera got in some hot water in Burbank, California, the other day for public intoxication. Margera was seen walking in and out of a restaurant and speaking to a cop while sitting on the curb in the video (via TMZ). The actor was arrested after allegedly making a scene at a restaurant where his estranged wife and son were eating, with the charges reported to be public intoxication.

According to the TMZ report, Jackass star Bam Margera was also allegedly arguing with a woman, though the police didn’t indicate if it was his wife Nikki who he was arguing with. Nikki previously filed for legal separation from Margera in February after claiming he wasn’t sober for a visit with his five-year-old son Phoenix. Margera was also previously arrested this month for alleged domestic violence after a woman claimed the star kicked her.

Known best for his work on the MTV show Jackass, Bam Margera has since distanced himself from the series that made him famous. The disagreements between Margera and the rest of the crew became very public after Margera indicated that Paramount Pictures viewed him as a liability for the most recent film Jackass Forever and alleged that the company planned on leaving him out of the film. In February, Margera seemed to confirm this by taking to Instagram to say that he broke his sobriety and was fired from the film.

In the wake of the apparent Jackass Forever filing, Bam Margera would continue to post a series of now-deleted videos where he alleged Paramount was forcing him to take antidepressants, submit to random urine tests, and check into rehab facilities with his own money. He also said fans should boycott the film while also saying they should help him fund his own film to compete with it.

jackass bam margera
Bam Margera

The videos would also see him disparage his collaborators Jeff Tremaine, star Johnny Knoxville, and producer Spike Jonze. Tremaine, who directed and produced Jackass Forever, would respond by filing a restraining order against Bam Margera due to alleged harassment via Instagram. Tremaine’s restraining order was extended to three years and expanded to his wife and children after Margera allegedly sent him death threats.

The Jackass Forever drama would continue when Bam Margera brought a lawsuit against Knoxville, Jonze, Tremaine, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Dickhouse Entertainment, and Gorilla Flicks with allegations that he was wrongfully fired from the film. Eventually, a settlement was reached, and Margera dismissed the lawsuit. The details of the settlement were never made public.

Jackass Forever would go on to release without Bam Margera’s involvement and make over $80 million against a budget of $10 million at the global box office with positive reviews. However, Margera barely made it into the film with the skit “The Marching Band,” which was filmed before his firing. He is also occasionally seen in archival footage from the film.

Although Jackass Forever barely had Bam Margera, it would introduce new cast members. Most of the old cast, not including the late Ryan Dunn, was there along with new cast members like Jasper Dolphin of Odd Future, Jasper’s father Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson, Eric Manaka, Rachel Wolfson, Zach Holmes, and surfer Sean “Poopies” McInerney. You can stream the film on Paramount+.