Johnny Knoxville’s Latest Show Has Been Canceled

Johnny Knoxville's new series, Reboot, has been canceled by Hulu.

By James Brizuela | Published

johnny knoxville

The nature of show business can be quite unforgiving at times, especially now that there has been an influx of media companies trying to save money. Most of that money saved is coming from axing shows that have not been doing that great, and Johnny Knoxville’s new show is part of those cancelations. Hulu revealed that Reboot is not moving forward after its first season, though that does not mean the series can’t find another home.

Reboot was released in September 2022 on Hulu and contains eight episodes, but that is all the series is going to get. The sitcom was based on making fun of reboots, as the plot of the show revolved around a group of dysfunctional actors who are brought back together to reboot the sitcom, they all starred in. The sitcom was called Step Right Up and featured Reed Sterling (Keegan-Michael Key), Clay Barber (Johnny Knoxville), Bree Marie Jensen (Judy Greer), and  Zack Jackson (Calum Worth).

A new and upcoming writer pitches the reboot of Step Right Up, but all the actors must now put their differences aside and reunite to star in this reboot. Despite the favorable reviews (88% critic approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes), Hulu has decided to part ways with the meta sitcom. Johnny Knoxville thanked everyone for watching on his Instagram, but also shared that he is upset the series was being canceled despite it being nominated for the Critics Choice Awards.

Despite the series being canceled at Hulu, it could be revived on some other network or streaming service. We are not sure if Johnny Knoxville is aiming to do that, but the popularity of the show could certainly lead to many outlets reaching out to buy the show’s rights. Reboot was created by Steve Levitan, who also famously created Modern Family. Though Reboot is clearly not as successful as Modern Family, it could get to that level should another media company revive it.

For now, everyone can watch the first and only season of Reboot on Hulu. The series is certainly stacked with enough talent that should have made it successful, as Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Grier, and Johnny Knoxville are some of the funniest people on the planet. We certainly hope to see the series find new life on a new platform.

The good news is that Johnny Knoxville will still be part of a new series, and one that has been in the works for quite some time. Knoxville is set to join a massively great cast for History of the World: Part II, which will premiere on Hulu on March 6th. Mel Brooks introduced the new series during the trailer, and it looks hilarious.

From the trailer, we see Johnny Knoxville taking on the role of the famous Russian mystic Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. We would imagine that Knoxville could be playing multiple roles, but he is shown as Rasputin in the trailer for the series. Though his Reboot series was canceled by Hulu, we can at least see Knoxville in the new Brooks-led sequel series.