Jack Black Returning To His Greatest Franchise

Due to National Panda Day, Netflix has made the announcement of the return of Jack Black to his greatest and most beloved franchise.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Jack Black fans rejoice as the comedian is returning to his greatest franchise. Wednesday is officially known as “National Panda Day” and as such, Netflix has decided to give the world exactly what it wants. The streaming service announced today that Black would be returning as the fan-favorite Po, in a new Kung Fu Panda series. While it has been some time since the man suited up and offered his voice to the unlikeliest of heroes, it has been sorely asked for and needed. He has not voiced Po since the 2016 film, Kung Fu Panda 3. The new show will be titled Kung Fu Panda: the Dragon Knight. You can read the tweet announcement below:

One of the best things about Kung Fu Panda is that it taught all of us that a hero can be anybody. While Po is certainly a bumbling buffoon at times, he always wants to do the right thing and help the downtrodden. Jack Black has not been a part of this universe since the above third installment of the film franchise. While Nickelodeon took matters into their own hands by producing two spin-off series that followed the films, Black was never part of those. The first was titled Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and took place between the first two films. The second was an Amazon Prime Video series called Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, which followed the events of the third film. Now we get to see the continuation of Po’s journey from the original actor.

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The synopsis for the new Kung Fu Panda sees Po on a food-eating tour of China, naturally, and he is accused of using banned magical weapons. To clear his name, he must go on a journey with an English knight known as Wandering Blade. Together they just find a way to chase down the mysterious weasels who have been targeting a collection of four powerful magic weapons. Po and Wandering Blade must partner to save the world and learn about one another along the way. There has not been any mention if any of the star-studded cast from the film franchise is set to join Jack Black, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for them to return in some manner. We want Seth Rogen as Praying Mantis.

All three Kung Fu Panda films have enjoyed some great success, as all three have certified fresh ratings via Rotten Tomatoes. The audience scores for the films also contain high percentage ratings in the 70s, apart from the first film which is at 83%. Simply put, the film series has been one of the zaniest and best things that have ever involved Jack Black, and it’s great to see him return to where he can truly exercise his eccentric and fun personality. While there is no concrete release date that has been given by Netflix, they did incorporate some first-look images in their tweet announcement. Hopefully, with those images being provided, we will all get to see Black return as Po Ping later on in 2022. Skadoosh.