See Jack Black Send A Kid To Space In The Apollo 10 1/2 Trailer

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 2 months ago

jack black

“This is Houston, do you read?” is something every young, aspiring astronaut dreams of hearing one day. The new trailer for the Netflix film Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood has just dropped. Just from the trailer, the film looks like a perfect coming-of-age film for both kids and adults. The trailer portrays the premise of the film, including bits of comedy, drama, and of course, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to space. Jack Black is one of the voices for the film, which will drop on Netflix in April. Let’s take a closer look at the trailer in 3, 2, 1.

The trailer for Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood is a unique and rather heartwarming take on a space exploration film. Of course, most of us know the classic Apollo 13, which starred Tom Hanks and Bill Paxton. But now we have a new set of actors for the new Netflix animation, Apollo 10 ½. Jack Black voices one of the characters, alongside other actors such as Zachary Levi, Josh Wiggins, and Glen Powell. The premise of the film revolves around a young boy who has a love of all things space and centers around the Apollo 11 moon landing. The setting of the film is in 1969 Houston and is aiming to tell a coming-of-age story to viewers. The trailer opens with the main child protagonist being “recruited” to go on a lunar mission by NASA. Then there is a transition to give an idea of the time era and how many changes were occurring in that part of history. The film is written and directed by Richard Linklater, who has created other successful films in the past such as Boyhood. See the creative trailer below: 

At first glance just by watching the trailer, the animation for the film is definitely very creative and artfully crafted. According to Collider, Richard Linklater discussed the look and animation process of the film. “The beautiful look of Kodachrome film is where we started. We decided to animate on 2’s to give it a retro feel and chose handmade animation over digital effects,” Linklater stated. Jack Black is just one of the many talented voice actors in this film. The American filmmaker had several inspirations for the creation of this upcoming animation. Linklater had lived through the moon landing when he was growing up, and that big part of history has always stuck with him. 

According to Deadline, Linklater talked about the inspirations to create the animated film, and one of the biggest reasons was to showcase the moon landing and how it had such a massive impact on human history. “Even though that movie is a celebration of the non-extraordinary, it became clear to me I had lived through and close to something truly extraordinary – the grandest and most enduring engineering feat in human history,” Linklater said. Jack Black and his brand of humor will help bring this story to life. Black has been in the acting scene for quite some time, so working on unique and creative projects such as this one is not something new for the actor. Black also isn’t new to voice acting or the animation industry. The actor has voiced characters in animations such as Kung Fu Panda and Ice Age

Apollo 10 ½ is set to be a coming-of-age film meant for everyone of any age to enjoy. The film will touch on real points in history, from the moon landing to what life was like in the late 1960s. The film will be seen through the eyes of a young boy who aspires for himself to one day have the opportunity to go to space. For a touching story, definitely tune in to the movie starring Jack Black when it drops on Netflix. The film is going to officially premiere on the streaming site on April 1st.