Hugh Jackman Unveils A First Stunning Teaser For His New Sci-Fi Movie

By Drew Dietsch | 4 months ago

hugh jackman reminiscence

Hugh Jackman is no stranger to the world of science-fiction. The celebrated actor has traversed the genre before in his role as Logan a.k.a. Wolverine in the X-Men series of films, as well appearances in movies like Real Steel, Chappie, and Christopher Nolan’s best film, The Prestige. Many have wondered what other genre stories the Australian actor would decide to attach himself to in the future. Well, we now have out first look at his next strange sci-fi movie and it will mystify and entice you in equal measure.

Hugh Jackman shared the first teaser for Reminiscence, an upcoming film from writer/director Lisa Joy. You can check out the teaser right here:

The trailer doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on except Hugh Jackman’s comforting, hypnotic voice. However, we do have an official synopsis. It states that Reminiscence is about a scientist (Jackman) who discovers a new technology that allows people to actually relive their past. Eventually, he decides to use the technology to search through the past for his lost love. It sounds like a very haunting and romantic piece of sci-fi fiction, and we can’t help but get a few Inception vibes from this trailer.

Part of that might be because this new Hugh Jackman movie is being helmed by Lisa Joy, one of the showrunners of the heady sci-fi series Westworld and wife to Christopher Nolan’s brother, Jonathan Nolan. It seems like thoughtful science-fiction just runs in the family! Joy has certainly showcased an immaculate and clinical eye for direction with her one directing gig on Westworld. Reminiscence will be her feature film debut, and it certainly looks like she is coming out of the gate swinging. This definitely has the kind of austere presentation that fans have come to expect from Christopher Nolan’s projects, and Joy seems to be channeling that same kind of energy.

Reminiscence will star Hugh Jackman and an ensemble of truly talented actors. He will be joined by Rebecca Ferguson (Doctor Sleep, Dune), Thandie Newton (Westworld, Solo: A Star Wars Story), Cliff Curtis (The Meg), Daniel Wu (Warcraft), Brett Cullen (Joker), and many other excellent thespians. It does not look like this is a low-priority cash-in for Warner Bros. at all. This has prestige sci-fi experience written all over it. We love to see the studio so committed to totally original genre stories.

reminiscence poster

Reminiscence will make its debut in theaters and on the streaming service HBO Max on September 3, 2021. It is quite exhilarating to think that we could see Hugh Jackman getting a chance to star in his own mega-budget thoughtful sci-fi movie. Leonardo DiCaprio got to do it with Inception and Matthew McConaughey was given his shot with Interstellar. It is definitely time for the once and future Logan to have the opportunity to be a part of some grandiose sci-fi epic. Hopefully, it can also deliver on its emotional notes. If this first trailer is any indication, we are in for something truly special with Lisa Joy’s new movie.