Homelander Isn’t The Most Dangerous Character In The Boys

By Britta DeVore | Published

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For three seasons, Antony Starr’s Homelander has given villains a new standard on Amazon Prime Video’s fan-favorite series, The Boys. With a thirst for power and blood, an obsession with milk and mommy issues, plus laser vision, the mentally unstable character has proven to be the biggest thorn in the side of the titular group of Supe-fighting vigilantes. But a character introduced in the show’s spin-off series, Gen V, may prove a force to be reckoned with as, should Marie Moreau make it into The Boys alive, Homelander may have met his match.

Marie Was Taken Prisoner

marie moreau

The tail-end of the breakout season of Gen V saw Marie Moreau – played by Jaz Sinclair – and the rest of her do-good young Supes taken hostage by Vought after Sam (Asa Germann) and Cate (Maddie Phillips) went off the rails on a killing rampage. Just when you thought Homelander had arrived to save the day, he did no such thing, taking Marie and her pals into the custody of Vought International, and claiming that they were the villains in the situation. While it’s still unclear whether Gen V and The Boys will pour over into one another, if they do, Homelander has a huge problem on his hands.

A Very Rare Power Set

marie moreau

Up until Marie Moreau was introduced, to the best of our knowledge, The Boys franchise only had one hero-turned-villain who held the ability to manipulate blood – Claudia Doumit’s Victoria Neuman. Discovering the mysterious identity of the head popper was a huge plot point as Victoria caused chaos by popping heads everywhere she pleased. And while this power could’ve been enough to bring down Homelander – if there was ever a quick draw situation between Victoria and the leader of The Seven – Marie Moreau’s powers are still a step above those of both baddies.

Marie Is A Major Contender

marie moreau

Such can be seen in Gen V’s Season 1 finale as, with Cate walking toward her, prepared to wipe Marie Moreau’s memory with the touch of her hand, Marie blows off Cate’s arm. Audiences already knew that Moreau was a major asset to Vought’s future in the way she was monitored following the accidental killing of her parents, but this move was the cherry on top of the sundae that marked her as a major player. This bit of foreshadowing could also be seen earlier in the season when a The Boys crossover sees Marie meet with Claudia, who explains that the two share similar powers and backgrounds, as they were both held at the Red River Institute in their youth.

Marie’s Powers Do More Than She Realized

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Throughout Season 1 of Gen V, audiences watched as Marie Moreau learned to better control her powers. Because of the tragedy behind how she learned she had these extra-human abilities, it was a slow-moving road to get the young Supe to accept her place in the world of The Boys. While she at first believed that she only could manipulate her own blood – meaning she needed to be bleeding to wield her powers – the discovery that she could use others’ plasma against them was huge.

marie moreau

From here, it’s anyone’s guess how things will turn out for Marie Moreau and the rest of her friends currently held somewhere under Vought’s control, but with a second season on the way, we know that there’s more to come from the Amazon Prime Video series. While it’s unclear if she’ll ever fully come to blows with The Boys’ top villain, if she continues her training and can beat Homelander in a quick draw, it’s lights out on the most sinister and nefarious character in recent television history.