See Hilary Duff Replace Ted Mosby In The How I Met Your Father Trailer

Check out Hilary Duff in the new How I Met Your Father trailer, the updated series that follows many of the same beats as the original show

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

hilary duff, how i met your father

Hilary Duff is about to star in a reboot of a very popular television series, taking many of the beats of the original storyline and framework, this time converting it to be a bit more updated around our current times. That will be in How I Met Your Father which is set to stream on Hulu. Starring in the lead role, she’ll be telling the story of meeting the love of her life, basing the premise on the original show How I Met Your Mother. Now, we have one of our first looks at the new series and how Hilary Duff will be taking over for the Ted Mosby role. 

In the trailer, it’s clear the show has adapted itself for the current time, giving us a sitcom-y look at twenty-somethings living in New York City and “struggling” with the dating scene. It’s an ensemble cast along with Hilary Duff, introducing some new(ish) faces into the mix in a story about these people finding themselves amidst the bright lights and dating apps that have taken over the social atmosphere. It looks silly in the same way the original show was, with the characters all dealing with their own personal issues in the context of trying to keep things funny. Check out the trailer for How I Met Your Father. 

We get the voiceover from Kim Cattrall who is playing the older version of Hilary Duff’s Sophie, retelling the story to her kids of how, in fact, she met their father. Like the original series, this one is sure to have a number of different head fakes along the way, keeping the viewer guessing about where Duff’s character will land when it is all said and done. Where the original show set much of its interplay in MacLaren’s, a bar where they would kibitz, this one does something similar. Though we do have plenty of shots and scenes around happenings in the city as well. It might not be quite so insular. 

Joining Hilary Duff in the cast for How I Met Your Father is an eclectic group, clearly shooting for more diversity than the original and making it a truer reflection of New York City. There is Chris Lowell as Jesse, an Uber driver in the city. His roommate is Sid, played by Suraj Sharma. Then there is Sophie’s roommate Francia played by Francia Raisa. She has very few inhibitions it would seem. One of the group is a working model Charlie, played by Tom Ainsley. Tien Tran is playing Ellen, who has recently separated from her wife and moved to town to join this group. 

The show will air on Hulu with the pilot episode releasing on January 18, 2022. There have been rumors that members of the original How I Met Your Mother cast could drop by and meet Hilary Duff and company in this new show at some point, though that isn’t confirmed. The original series ran for nine, very successful seasons before going off the air with a somewhat controversial finale in 2014. It starred Josh Radnor as the aforementioned Ted and had other notables including Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Colbie Smulders, and Cristin Milioti as part of the main cast.