Henry Golding Goes Full John Wick In Snake Eyes Trailer

Henry Golding isn't holding back in the new Snake Eyes trailer. See it here.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The G.I. Joe franchise is giving us a martial arts epic, taking a completely different approach after the last installment was a total flop. The new trailer has star Henry Golding showing off an action movie worthy of your attention.

Watch the new Snake Eyes trailer with Henry Golding below.

We saw another trailer for Snake Eyes a month ago, but this one gives a much better idea of what the story is for the main character, why we’re going to be rooting for Henry Golding, and a wider variety of the stunts he’s going to be doing. The last trailer was great–it showed off a lot of fight scenes with car chases. However, this new Snake Eyes trailer shows the movie has a lot more heart than that and proves to be something that should hold our attention.

According to what we’re seeing in the new trailer, we’re going to meet Henry Golding as he works in a market butchering fish. Secretly, he’s a badass who knows how to fight in a cage and throw chains around a man’s neck. But to be a true hero you need character, right? Morals? And so we learn that our main character is willing to take on big fights for what he believes in, even with the odds against him, as he decides to take on a large room full of enemies instead of shooting his friend to save his own life. This is something his friend appears to greatly respect. He says, “You saved my life. We are going home.” And so it is that our main character is going to enter a new world, full of wealth, secrets, and the opportunity to improve and prove his fighting skills.

The friend says, “I can’t change your past, but I can offer you a purpose,” and then promises that the purpose is to “bring peace to the world”. How do you say no to a charge like that? Apparently, Henry Golding is on board for a new destiny.

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We see hints that suggest there will be some light touches of humor, like when Henry Golding’s character bows on the ground and asks questions about what exactly he’s signing up for after grand statements are made. Mostly though, this trailer offers an epic story, travels to new and exciting places, and awesome fight scenes. The Paramount movie apparently won’t be releasing on Paramount+ for streaming, but will be released exclusively in theaters on July 23, 2021.

If you recognize Henry Golding but can’t quite place him, you’re likely not alone. The actor has had a long career as a television host, particularly on the BCC’s The Travel Show. He’s been in a handful of romantic comedies like Last Christmas. At this point, the actor is probably most well-known for his role as the leading man in Crazy Rich Asians. That romantic comedy made over $238 million at the box office on a budget of $30 million in 2018, a time when the rom-com is considered a major box office risk. It’s hard to guess how Snake Eyes will do, but Paramount must be hoping it will revive the G.I. Joe franchise at the box office. The trailer seems like they have a solid start on their hands.