Henry Cavill Enters The Race To Be The Next James Bond

Henry Cavill is now looking to add that 007 credit to resume.

By Drew Dietsch | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Henry Cavill has already played the world’s greatest detective and the world’s strongest superhero. What role could he conquer next? If Cavill has any say, it would be none other than iconic super-spy James Bond.

In a recent interview with GQ, Henry Cavill reminisced about his early auditions for the role of James Bond. Apparently, Cavill came close to obtaining the role but nothing ever solidified. Now, Cavill is still interested in the part and said that he “would absolutely jump at the opportunity.”

It is not hard to picture Henry Cavill as the strapping and deadly 007, especially after his enjoyable work as August Walker in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Cavill actually brought to life another Ian Fleming character when he played the part of Napoleon Solo in the 2015 feature film, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. It would be deeply poetic to see him step into the shows of Fleming’s other popular spy character. Not to mention that Cavill did a fantastic job as Solo in that film. There is almost no doubt that he would be equally as excellent as James Bond.

Hearing that Henry Cavill has thrown his hat in to play James Bond is not surprising. With No Time to Die signaling the end of Daniel Craig’s tenure as the legendary secret agent, the speculation around the franchise’s future is at a fever pitch. Naturally, the biggest question has to do with casting the next James Bond. You probably will hear similar responses from other noteworthy actors that might have a shot at the role. It’s a safe bet that they all want to keep working and a gig like James Bond sounds like a pretty hefty payday.

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We have heard other reports that Tom Hardy might have an edge over Henry Cavill when it comes to landing the role of James Bond in the next installment. Another top contender for the role has been Idris Elba, with many fans petitioning for him to be the first person of color to play the role of James Bond. And there are plenty of other notable thespians who might have a shot at playing the iconic character.

For this writer’s money, Henry Cavill seems like an extremely solid and likable choice for the role, but that also makes him kind of a boring one as well. Part of the reason Daniel Craig’s casting was so brilliant in Casino Royale was that he felt like a James Bond we had yet to really see flourish on the big screen. His gruff and rugged demeanor fit in perfectly with the more grounded reboot of the franchise. Whoever is cast as James Bond after Craig has to symbolize what the franchise will look like going forward.

If Henry Cavill was cast as James Bond, it would seem to put out an air of returning to a more classic mode of Bond movie. Is that something modern audiences would be interested in seeing? Or do they need someone to carry on the more down-to-earth vibe that the Daniel Craig movies have established? Once we know something for sure, we will be sure to keep you updated.